Office 365 PowerShell Series

For Partners only, we have a series of 3 training videos that have just been released to the Partner Learning Center.


Office 365: PowerShell Series Part 1 - Introduction to PowerShell

Automation is the key to efficiency. Microsoft Windows PowerShell ® provides a more powerful method of accessing the intimacies of Microsoft Online Services whilst also opening up the possibility to automate Office 365 administrative tasks. This webinar is part 1 of a 3 part PowerShell series. In Part 1 we provide an introduction to PowerShell usage with Office 365. This includes how we connect of Office 365 using PowerShell and an Overview of Office 365 PowerShell cmdlets.

Office 365: PowerShell Series Part 2 - Digging into PowerShell

In Part 2 of the PowerShell webinar series we cover essential concepts that are required to get the best understanding of how to interact and use PowerShell. This includes Windows PowerShell Navigation, Working with Objects and PowerShell ISE.

Office 365: PowerShell Series Part 3 - Dynamic PowerShell Scripts

In Part 3 of the PowerShell webinar series scripting concepts are introduced to provide the essential knowledge required to dynamically automate and / or simplify repetitive or lengthy tasks. PowerShell functionality covered includes Looping, Conditional Statement Flow, Working with external data and Creating Reusable Scripts.

For everyone else, make sure to check out Jon Horner’s PowerShell for Common Office 365 Operations, an excellent primer on how to administer Office 365 from the command line!

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