SharePoint Conference 2011 Session Recordings Available

Update: It looks like the recordings have been pulled off of YouTube.  Perhaps they were not supposed to be there in the first place.  It was good while it lasted… make sure to sign up for SharePoint Conference 2012 here:

Hello All-

After eating all your turkey today (if you are in the US), what better to do afterwards but kick back and watch recordings of the SharePoint Conference 2011?  Thanks to a tip from Spencer, I noticed that most of the sessions from SharePoint Conference 2011 have been uploaded to YouTube here:

In the interests of helping you find the best sessions, I have compiled a list of every session below (and put the same information in an attached spreadsheet.  Nearly every session from the conference is available, and I have left the sessions that were not included in the list below on the off chance someone uploads them later.








(REPEAT) Creating Beautiful and Engaging Web Sites with SharePoint 2010 200
SPC410r (REPEAT) Out of the Sandbox and into the cloud: Build your next SharePoint app on Azure 400 Andrew Connell
(REPEAT) SharePoint 2010 Planning and Adoption Framework 200
SPC200 “Searching for Sarah" - Why Booz & Co. chose FAST Search 200

Polly Kahler , Jeremiah Fellows , Adrienne Crowther

“We’re Going two-way Baby!” How Vancity Took its Intranet From Static to Social 200
36 Terabytes: How Microsoft IT Manages SharePoint in the Enterprise 200
SPC300 A Closer Look at SQL and SharePoint: Tips and tricks from the field 300 Wayne Ewington , Steve Letford
SPC301 Access & Office 365: Rapid Cloud App Development on Office 365 with Access Services 300

Steven Greenberg

SPC302 Access Services - Everything You Wanted to Know 300

Greg Lindhorst

SPC303 Advanced BI Visualizations using Visio Services 300

Christopher Hopkins , A.J. Briant

SPC304 Advanced Scorecarding and Dashboards with Excel, Visio and PerformancePoint Services 300 Peter Myers
SPC400 Advanced SharePoint Data Access with Silverlight 400 Robert German , Ryan Sockalosky
SPC305 Advanced Windows PowerShell for SharePoint 2010 300 Todd Bleeker
SPC319 Application Lifecycle Management: Automated builds and testing for SharePoint projects 300

Chris O'Brien , Mike Morton

SPC201 Applying a Brand to your SharePoint Web Site 200 Jon Flanders
SPC224 Architecting and Automating SharePoint Governance 200 Dan Holme
SPC306 Are Office Web Apps Enough? Architecting the best Office experience for your customers 300

Andy O'Donald , Alistair Speirs

SPC202 Attractive Business Intelligence: Dashboards, Pivots, Scorecards, KPIs, and Reports Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, PowerPivot, and SQL Server 2008 R2 200

Rafal Lukawiecki

SPC307 Automating Business Processes with SharePoint 2010 (Part 1) - Using SharePoint Designer, InfoPath and Workflow 300 Keenan Newton
SPC308 Automating Business Processes with SharePoint 2010 (Part 2) - Using BCS, Word Automation Services (and More Workflow) 300 Keenan Newton
SPC287 Avanade: Unleashing Competitive Advantage through the use of Social Media and Collective Organizational Intelligence 200

Thomas Krofta , Markus Sprenger

SPC293 AvePoint: Governance Enforcement with out of the box SharePoint and AvePoint’s DocAve Platform 200 John Hodges , Ion Tobescu
SPC344 BA Insight: Enterprise Search and the Cloud: Unifying Information across SharePoint, O365, LOB systems, and more 300 Guy Mounier , Jeff Fried
SPC309 Backup and Recovery for SharePoint 2010 300

Chris Whitehead , Sam Hassani

SPC310 Best Practices Around SharePoint 2010 User Profiles 300 Scott Jamison
SPC311 Best Practices for Building your Website for Scale with SharePoint 2010 300

Ethan Gur-esh

SPC312 Best Practices for Creating Publishing Page Layouts 300 Geoffrey Edge
SPC313 Best Practices for Deploying Project Server 2010 on SharePoint Farm 300

Christophe Fiessinger

SPC203 Best Practices from the Field: Managing Corporate Metadata and Taxonomies with SharePoint 2010 200

Nikos Anagnostou , Lesly Goh

SPC314 Best Practices With jQuery and SharePoint 300

Mark Rackley , Eric Harlan

SPC204 Beyond Ten Blue Links: Why Search-Driven Applications Matter to the Enterprise 200 Jeff Fried
SPC315 Beyond the Basics: An Advanced Conversation on FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 300 Thomas Molbach , Thomas Svensen
SPC316 Branding and Customizing My Sites with SharePoint 2010 300 John Ross, Randy Drisgill
Branding SharePoint Online Sites 200
SPC320 Building Business Applications on Azure using Office365 and Windows Azure AppFabric 300 Tony Meleg
SPC321 Building Custom In Place Records Management Solutions 300 John Holliday
SPC322 Building integrated SharePoint 2010 and CRM Online solutions. 300 Girish Raja
SPC362 Building Language-Based SharePoint Internet Sites Using Variations 300 Israel Vega , Shad Phillips
SPC324 Building Office Solutions that Leverage Duet Enterprise 300 Joyanta Sen, Matjaz Perpar
SPC325 Building Self-Service BI Applications using PowerPivot v2 “Denali” for Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010 300 John Hancock
SPC318 Building Visually Compelling BI Experiences with PowerPivot 300 Peter Myers
SPC3983 Business Intelligence Overall Architecture 300 Jason Burns
SPC206 Campaign and Experience Management on a SharePoint 2010 Website 200 Geoffrey Edge
SPC326 Capacity Management for SharePoint 2010 300 Spencer Harbar
SPC207 Change Management: Preparing End Users for SharePoint 2010 200 Dan Holme
Clearing away the Clouds: What’s Hype and What’s Real in Cloud Adoption, Today and Tomorrow 200
SPC327 Cloud Packing: Preparing for the Move into SharePoint Online 300

James Petrosky , Kimmo Forss

SPC328 CMIS Deep Dive and Roadmap 300 Ryan McVeigh , Adam Harmetz , Mike Mahon
Collaborative Decision Making: How the Convergence of Collaboration Software and Business Intelligence can Optimize Decision Making in Your Organization 200
Communication and Collaboration across Baker Hughes 200
SPC213 Content Acquisition for Search in SharePoint 2010 200 Vaidyanathan Raghavan , Sid Shah
SPC329 Content Query WebPart: A Deep Dive on SharePoint's Swiss Army Knife WebPart 300 Christina Wheeler
SPC330 Content Targeting with the FAST Search Web Part 300 Martin Harwar
SPC331 Creating a FAST Search Driven Windows Phone 7 Application for a SharePoint Internet Sites 300 Shad Phillips , Andy Kojs
SPC332 Creating an Easy To Use File Plan Builder for Your SharePoint Records Center 300 John Holliday
SPC215 Creating Awesome Dashboards with SharePoint 2010, Infopath 2010 and SharePoint Designer 200 Eric Harlan
Creating Beautiful and Engaging Web Sites with SharePoint 2010 200
Creating Vivid BI reports with "Project: Crescent" for SharePoint 200
SPC218 Customer Spotlight: Reduce Costs and Increase Reliability by Migrating from a Legacy ECM System to SharePoint 2010 200

Mark Barron , Charles Norman II

SPC219 Customer Spotlight: Saying Goodbye to Paper - Building a Multi Million Document Repository to Save Time and Money 200 Arik Kalininsky
SPC333 Customizing Content Publishing Approval Workflows 300 Robert Bogue
SPC334 Data Access with Search and the KeywordQuery API 300 Phil Wicklund
SPC401 Deep Dive on Developing Custom Service Applications 400 Todd Bleeker
SPC402 Deep Dive on SharePoint Ribbon Development & Extensibility 400

Chris O'Brien , Andrew Connell

SPC403 Deep Dive: Excel Services and PerformancePoint Services Administration and Troubleshooting 400 Kevin Donovan
SPC404 Deep Dive: Implementing Kerberos for your BI Applications 400 Tom Wisnowski
SPC220 Delivering Data as a Service using Azure platform and self service BI at Microsoft 200 Sanjay Soni , Phani Vikram Jungali
SPC222 Deployed SharePoint Search? What’s next? 200 Denis Heliszkowski , Neil Hodgkinson
SPC335 Deploying SharePoint 2010 as a Mission Critical Application 300

Sam Hassani , Chris Whitehead

SPC223 Deploying SharePoint 2010 in Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Architectures 200

Phil Wicklund

SPC406 Developing and Extending Enterprise Content Management features 400 Paul Swider
SPC336 Developing and Getting the Most from Sandboxed Solutions 300

Michael Ammerlaan

SPC225 Developing and Managing SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio 200

Mike Morton , Jay Schmelzer

SPC276 Developing Cloud-Based Applications for SharePoint Online using Windows Azure 200 Steve Fox
SPC337 Developing LOB Connectors in SQL Azure and Business Connectivity Services 300 Scot Hillier
SPC338 Developing SharePoint applications with HTML5 and JQuery 300 Ted Pattison
SPC339 Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 300 Paul Stubbs
SPC226 Document Management: Planning For Success 200 Russ Edelman
Documents are boring but document solutions are not!! 300
Drive Adoption and Get Users Excited About SharePoint 100
SPC2993 EMC Corporation: Proven Best Practices for Virtualized SharePoint and FAST Search 200 James Baldwin , Eyal Sharon
SPC341 Enabling the new Self-Service Alerting with SQL Server "Denali" Reporting Services 300 Lukasz Pawlowski
SPC342 End-to-end BI Security Implementation Best Practices 300 Carl Rabeler
SPC343 Enforce Governance by Automating Site Provisioning in SharePoint 2010 300 Ed Hild
Enliven Customer Web Sites With Excel Services Web Parts and Embedding 200
SPC407 Enterprise Deployment Considerations for the User Profile Service Application 400 Spencer Harbar
SPC345 Everything you Need to Know About Security and FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 300

Steven Fowle , Paul Branson

SPC346 Exploring the Office Developer Story in Microsoft Office 365 300 Donovan Follette
SPC347 Extending SharePoint 2010 Health & Monitoring 300 Todd Carter
SPC348 Extending SharePoint 2010 to your customers and partners 300 Corey Roth
Extending the reach of SharePoint in multi-vendor environments 200
SPC228 FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 – Hello World 200 Johnny Benitez
From Web Content Management to Customer Experience Management: How to Optimize External Web Sites and Deliver a Search-Driven Experience 200
SPC349 Generating Business Documents using Word Automation Services and Open XML 300 Scot Hillier
GimmalSoft: Managing Electronic Records within SharePoint 2010, including DoD 5015.2 200
SPC350 Got iPads, Android tablets, smart phones and Windows devices? Managing Office 2010 endpoints in an Interoperable and multi-device World 300 Jeremy Chapman
Hallmark Retail Connect ® - Connecting Hallmark Gold Crown Stores 200
SPC408 Handling Explosive Content Growth: Advanced Strategies for Managing Retention and Disposition in SharePoint 400 Ben Robb Bring SharePoint to Outlook and Lotus Notes 200
SPC351 Hit The Ground Running with Claims Authentication in SharePoint 2010 300

Steve Peschka

SPC232 How Del Monte Foods has kept things fresh through 4 versions of SharePoint 200 Michael Bernot , Scott Smith
How eBay Successfully Upgraded their Intranet to SharePoint 2010 200
SPC234 How FAST Search Empowers Information Discovery and Intranet Search at Microsoft 200

Kajal Soni , Rene Sanchez Almaguer

How Gaming Giant, EA Drove Culture Change with SharePoint 2010 100
How General Mills Made Enterprise Search Personal 200
SPC257 How is Duet Enterprise helping customers in the real world? 200 David Christensen
SPC352 How Microsoft Builds, Deploys and Runs SharePoint Online: A Peek Behind the Curtain 300

Roberto Taboada , Doron Bar-Caspi

SPC353 How Microsoft Built Academy, it's Social Video Platform 300 Austin Winters
How SharePoint is Being Used to Manage Content at the World’s Largest Airline 200
SPC3982 How to Effectively Deploy Updates in SharePoint 2010 300

Chris Whitehead , Sam Hassani

How Turner Broadcasting System Turned On Employee Engagement With SharePoint 2010 200
How We Built Community Site 300
SPC298 HP: Private Cloud Collaboration with HP Enterprise Cloud Services 200 Chip Vollers
SPC259 Identity in SharePoint Online 200 Phil Wicklund
Implementing an OnPrem/Office365 Hybrid Architecture 200
Implementing FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 at the IMF 200
SPC239 InfoPath + SharePoint Designer + Office 365 = Forms in the Cloud! 200 Asif Rehmani
SPC296 InfoPath 2010 – Best Practices for Design and Performance 200 Darvish Shadravan
SPC397 InfoPedia: A High Performance, Self-Service knowledge sharing and Enterprise Content Management Solution 300

Ludovic Fourrage , Gary Snowberger

SPC355 Instrumentation and Debugging on Premises and in the Cloud 300 David Mann
SPC409 Integrating and Synchronizing SharePoint Metadata with other Metadata Stores and Environments 400

Pete Gonzalez , Daniel Kogan

SPC356 Integrating Commerce Server with a SharePoint Internet Site 300 Shyam Narayan, William Cornwil
SPC357 Integrating Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows Phone 7 300 Donovan Follette
SPC358 Integrating Microsoft Visio Services with System Center for BI 300

Marshall Copeland , Scott Wold , Julian Soh

SPC359 Integrating SharePoint Social features into your Windows Phone 7 Application 300 Todd Baginski
SPC360 Integrating Social Networking Sites with a SharePoint Internet Site 300

Ryan Sockalosky , Brian Rodriguez

Introduction to SharePoint 2010 Development 200
SPC381 IW (heart) Office. Helping Information Workers Love Office Even More 300 Chris Auld
SPC299 K2: Is Workflow and Process Automation the Key for Gaining More Value from SharePoint? 200 Olaf Wagner
Knowledge Communities: Unlocking SharePoint 2010's Hidden Value 200
KnowledgeLake: Getting Ready for the Cloud - Is your Content Strategy Partly Cloudy? 200
SPC361 Landing SharePoint Data in Office Client Solutions 300 Donovan Follette
SPC387 Leveraging AlwaysOn in SQL Server Denali with SharePoint 2010 200 Bill Baer
SPC242 Leveraging Project 2010 with Office 365 for Project Management Success 200 Dux Raymond Sy
SPC363 Localizing SharePoint Solutions/Lösungen/פתרונות/解决方案 300 Michael Ammerlaan
SPC243 Make Your Search Social with FAST Search! 200 Paul Summers, Dan Benson
SPC244 Making Enterprise Search a Strategic Platform Within an Organization 200 Jan Skjoy , Stein Wenberg Jacobsen
SPC245 Making SharePoint 2010 Collaboration Rock by Increasing Findability 200 Scott Jamison
SPC364 Making the Most of Search in SharePoint Online 300 Corey Roth
SPC365 Making the Most of Your Content: Combining ECM and Enterprise Search 300 Jeff Fried
SPC366 Making your SharePoint Websites Sing on Smartphones 300 Chris Auld , Gavin Barron
SPC354 Managing Innovation with SharePoint & Project Server 2010 300 Simon Floyd
Managing LOB Data with BCS & SharePoint Search 300
SPC248 Measuring the Value of Your SharePoint 2010 Investments 200 Susan Hanley
SPC2995 Metalogix: At Last - Size Doesn’t Matter! Considerations for building a SharePoint ECM platform to accommodate TBs of Content 200

Stephen Cawood , Steve Marsh

Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010 Overview 200
SPC249 Microsoft's Vision and Strategy for the Future of Business Intelligence 200 Steve Tullis, Kamal Hathi
SPC368 Migrating & Organizing Content: Unleashing the Value of Automatic Placement 300 Robert Bogue
SPC246 Migrating from 2007 to SharePoint 2010 - How to do it "Search First" 200 Mark Stone , Harry Jones , Natalya Voskresenskaya
SPC212 More Than My: How Microsoft is Driving Social Adoption and Intranet Transformation 200

Chris Slemp , Sean Squires

SPC369 Moving beyond Service Applications to build a social ecosystem 300 Andries den Haan
SPC370 Multi-Tenancy with SharePoint 2010 300 Spencer Harbar
SPC2992 NetApp: Addressing the Challenges of SharePoint Data Management Efficiently 200 Reena Gupta
Neudesic: Space X Launches SharePoint 2010 with Neudesic Pulse for Out of this World Business Collaboration 200
Nintex: Nintex Workflow End-to-End Solutions: One Big Demo, Live Without a Net 100
SPC371 Notes From the Field: Sizing and High Availability with FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint 300

Steven Fowle , Barry Waldbaum

SPC252 One Content Library, Multiple Websites with SharePoint 2010 at D&M Holdings 200

Alex Alexandrou , Lalit Panda

SPC109 OpenText: Connecting SharePoint to your Information Governance Strategy 100 Dave Martin
SPC263 Oranges, Rocket Ships and Six Pack Abs - What your SharePoint Corporate Portal is Lacking 200 Karuana Gatimu, Walter Cruzate
SPC410 Out of the Sandbox and into the cloud: Build your next SharePoint app on Azure 400 Andrew Connell
SPC254 Overview - Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010 200

Mark Stone , Aastha Gupta

SPC254 Overview of Business Intelligence in Office and SharePoint 2010 200

Seayoung Rhee, Albert Chew

SPC255 Overview of Duet Enterprise for SharePoint 2010 and SAP 200 Joyanta Sen , Matjaz Perpar
Overview of ECM in SharePoint 2010 200
SPC372 Packaging SharePoint Branding Elements for Deployment 300 Christina Wheeler
SPC374 Performance Testing and Optimizing SharePoint Websites 300

Israel Vega , Frank Marasco

SPC373 Performance Tuning SharePoint 2010 300 Eric Shupps
SPC375 Planning and Implementing SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration 300 Todd Klindt, Shane Young
SPC376 Planning and Managing Sandboxed Solutions and Services 300 Maurice Prather
SPC258 Planning for the Lifecycle of Your SharePoint 2010 Website 200

PJ Zargarzadeh

SPC260 Planning Your Approach to SharePoint ECM 200 Israel Vega , Charles Maxson
SPC377 Planning your SharePoint 2010 Topology 300

Scott St. Jean , Oleg Lysyk

Practical Approach to SharePoint Governance: The Key to Successful SharePoint 2010 Solutions 200
SPC262 Project 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Better Together 200 Joriz De Guzman
SPC378 Project 2010 Development for SharePoint Developers 300

Jan Kalis , Steven Haden

SPC323 Putting Search on the Map with FAST Search For SharePoint 300 Steve Kuenzli
SPC390 Quest Software: SharePoint Migration, Implementation and Customization Notes from the Field: Observations on What Not to Do 300 Adam Woodruff
SPC379 Real World Examples for Virtualization, Configuration, and Security with FAST Search 300 Brent Groom
SPC264 Relevance and Ranking in SharePoint Search 2010 200 Victor Poznanski
SPC380 Remote BLOB Storage with SharePoint Server 2010 Deep Dive 300 Bill Baer
SPC101 SAP: Bring the Power of SAP Applications to Microsoft SharePoint Platform 100

Pascal Gibert , Jamie Stuart

Scaling SharePoint Document and Records Centers to Terabytes and Beyond 300
SPC383 Search Engine Optimization on a SharePoint 2010 Internet Site 300 Daniel Haywood
SPC384 Searching Video with FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 300

Matthew Roberts , Peter Petley , Nathan Treloar

SPC411 Security Design with Claims Based Authentication 400 Nathan Miller , Israel Vega
SPC265 Selecting a Records Management Strategy: What's Best for You? 200 Brad Teed
SPC385 Service Application Federation with SharePoint 2010 300 Shannon Bray
SPC386 Setting up and Configuring PowerPivot v2 for SharePoint in SQL Server 2008 R2 and "Denali" 300 Dave Wickert
Seven Habits of Highly Effective SharePoint Developers 200
SPC266 SharePoint 2010 Planning and Adoption Framework 200 Todd Ray
SharePoint 2010 Solutions for Public Sector 200
SPC271 SharePoint 2010: Improving Productivity with Social 200

Dave Pae , Paul Javid

SPC108 SharePoint and Friends: The Future of Productivity 100

Chris Barnard , Laura Baur

SPC272 SharePoint Designer 2010- A Tool for End Users? 200 Asif Rehmani
SPC388 SharePoint Infrastructure for Geographically Distributed Organizations 300

David McNamee

SPC389 SharePoint Internet Sites that Integrate FAST Search 300

Cem Aykan , Runar Olsen

SPC273 SharePoint Lifecycle Management Solution with Project Server 200

Scott Jamison , Christophe Fiessinger

SPC274 SharePoint Online Overview 200 Mark Kashman
SharePoint Workflow Best Practices 300
SPC412 SharePoint, Azure and Claims Integration for Developers 400 Steve Peschka , James Petrosky
SPC275 Solving Agile and PMO Problems by Integrating Project Server 2010 with Team Foundation Server 2010 200

Christophe Fiessinger

SPC392 Solving Enterprise Search Challenges with SharePoint 2010 300 Matthew McDermott
SPC250 Solving Office Compatibility to accelerate Office deployments 200

Curtis Sawin , Brian Shiers

SPC393 Step-by-step: Building Search Driven Applications That Matter 300 Scot Hillier
SPC278 Tackling the Challenges of a Multinational Organization with Collaboration 200 David McNamee
SPC394 Taxonomy Based Content Targeting for a SharePoint Internet Site 300 Gary Lapointe
SPC279 TELUS Goes Social: How a Canadian Telecom Changed the Learning Model 200 Dan Pontefract
The City of SharePoint: What SharePoint Planners Can Learn From City Planning 200
The Convergence of ECM and Knowledge Management: Strategies for Success 200
SPC395 The End to End Guide to Upgrading Custom Code from 2007 to 2010 300 Becky Isserman
The Forrester Survey: Best Practices in SharePoint 2010 Adoption and Migration 200
SPC396 The Inside Scoop: How Microsoft Architected an Enterprise Scale Records Management Solution 300

Nishan Desilva , Steve Pogrebivsky

SPC281 The Inside Scoop: How Microsoft BI Solutions are helping Seattle Public Schools 200

Adam Nathan , Paul Haldi , Stephen Drew

SPC399 The Inside Scoop: How Microsoft Built a Scale Lab for 120 Million items 300

Barry Waldbaum , Paul Andrew , Paul Learning

SPC282 The Inside Scoop: How Microsoft IT Created their CIO Scorecard Using Self-Service BI 200

Sanjay Soni , Sreepada Santhegudda

The Inside Scoop: How Microsoft IT Enables Information Discovery with Managed Metadata 300
SPC283 The Inside Scoop: How the SharePoint BI platform was used to create stunning dashboards at the Cherwell District Council 200 David McMahon
SPC413 The Inside Scoop: How the SharePoint Dev Team Troubleshoots Performance and Reliability 400 Corey Roussel
SPC414 The Nuts and Bolts of Managing Enterprise Content Types At Scale 400 Daniel Kogan
SPC3991 The Official Guide to Troubleshooting FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 300

Dan Harrington , Kristopher Loranger

SPC3992 Tips and Tricks: Configuring SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services with SharePoint 2010 300 Andrew Karcher
SPC3993 Tips and Tricks: Effectively manage your SharePoint Farm with BI 300 Kevin Donovan
SPC3997 TITUS: Using Claims for Authorization in SharePoint 2010 300 Antonio Maio
True Business and IT Partnership: Best Buy Governance and SharePoint 2010 200
SPC285 Understanding SharePoint Administration Part 1 200 Shane Young, Todd Klindt
SPC286 Understanding SharePoint Administration Part 2 200 Shane Young, Todd Klindt
SPC3995 Upgrading SharePoint Solutions and Features – A Closer Look 300 Wayne Ewington
SPC3994 Upgrading User Profiles and My Sites from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 300 Mirjam van Olst
SPC3996 User-Centric Design for Deploying FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint 300

Fergus Mcdowall

SPC269 Using SharePoint to Drive Adoption of Records and Information Management – The Charter Communications Story 200 Dan Vasey
SPC288 Using the Business Decision Appliance to Enable Self-Service BI in any Organization 200 Dana Kaufman , Dave Wickert
SPC289 Visio Services – Creating a No-Code Visio Services Dashboard using Office 365 200

Christopher Hopkins , Aftab Alam

SPC291 What's new for SQL Server "Denali" Analysis Services and PowerPivot v2 200 John Hancock , T K Anand
SPC292 What's new for SQL Server "Denali" Reporting Services 200 Carolyn Chau
SPC3999 Why Your Next SharePoint Deployment Should be Virtualized 300 Damir Bersinic
SPC251 With SharePoint 2010 Your Extranet is Easy 200

Brad Freels , Peter Carson

SPC221 Work Smarter, not Harder! Top Ten Tips for Improving Productivity with SharePoint 200 Debbie Ireland

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