Do you need help with Power BI presales & deployment scenarios?

Check out the new and improved Power BI technical trainings for Microsoft partners! Gain the technical skills needed to better sell and deploy Power BI solutions to your customers. Check out the streamlined version of the existing Introduction to Power BI training as well as the new Technical Deep Dive on Power BI Common Scenarios….


Top Partner Technical Presales & Deployment Questions (Jan-Mar)

As you are working through the presales and deployment phases of our customer projects, you most likely encounter the same scenarios as other Microsoft partners that you are unable to solve. To help you quickly find answers to keep your projects moving forward, we compiled the top technical presales and deployment questions that partners contact…


Dev Chat has been expanded to include Office 365 App Development!

Do you need one-on-one assistance for developing apps on Office 365? Look no further than Dev Chat – the same great experience available for Azure app development has now been expanded to include Office 365 services and scenarios. Receive technical tips and guidance from a Microsoft expert, helping you to get started and successfully build…


Accelerate sales and deployments across productivity and business processes workloads

For MPN partners, we are pleased to announce a new suite of technical presales and deployment services across productivity and business processes workloads, now available at This new update features several new technical services, designed to help you accelerate sales and deployments. From level 100-200 introductory technical trainings all the way through level 300-400…


Learn How to Start Developing Apps on Office 365 with a New Technical Journey

We are pleased to introduce a new technical journey for Office 365 App Development to Microsoft Partner Network partners, providing you with a suite of technical services as you plan, build, and operate apps on Office 365. Included in this new technical journey is a mix of one-on-one consultations, technical training webcasts, and chat options,…


Do you need help developing Azure Apps? Check out the Cloud Application Development technical journey to access 3 new technical consultations

There’s an easier way to get the help you need to develop Azure apps and accelerate the path to app certification. Check out the Cloud App Dev technical journey to access 3 new technical consultations, now available to Microsoft Partner Network competency partners. Within these consultations, you’ll receive personalized, one-on-one guidance from a Microsoft expert,…


Are you looking to build your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner practice?

Check out the new set of Microsoft Dynamics 365 technical training webcasts, covering the latest topics and new features available with Dynamics 365. As a Microsoft Partner Network partner, leverage these instructor-led technical training opportunities to gain the technical skills needed to better sell and deploy Dynamics 365 solutions. INTRODUCTION TO DYNAMICS 365 BASICS OF CUSTOMIZATION – Get…


Build Your Microsoft SharePoint Online Practice with Four New Technical Trainings

Calling all Microsoft Partner Network partners! Expand your Microsoft SharePoint Online practice by leveraging our new technical trainings that will help you fully understand the features and functionality that SharePoint Online offers. Technical Deep Dive on Moving to the Cloud with SharePoint 2016 – Guide customers toward moving to the cloud with SharePoint 2016, allowing…


Dev Chat. New name, same great technical service for MPN app developers.

As a Microsoft Partner Network app developer on Azure, you need to quickly get development tips to resolve programming questions regarding the capability and services of Azure. That’s why Microsoft launched Dev Chat (formerly Code Help) to provide you with the opportunity to chat directly with support engineers to help you quickly and successfully build…


Taking Hybrid Cloud to the Next Level

As a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) partner, build your cloud infrastructure & management practice with two new technical deep dive trainings focused on hybrid cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud management & security. Technical Deep Dive on Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure – Discover how Windows Server 2016 delivers new layers of security to help protect your customer’s…