Enterprise Project Management Trainings

I am happy to announce that registration is now live for the majority of the EPMU training we will deliver this year. 


A couple things to note from the last communication I sent on this.  We have moved out the first training for the Selling and Architecting course to ensure we have all the final course materials which have been slightly delayed.  We have added back in the April dates, but will be monitoring all courses to ensure these are filled and may cancel these if we run into low attendance numbers.  Registration for the Implementation course is not yet live as we are waiting on course description from the US.  This will be sent to you as soon as it is ready.


Training Fees – As previously communicated partners will have to pay for this training. 



Courses and Dates:


Selling EPM and Architecting an EPM Solution Basics

Maidenhead, UK              TBC, Fall 2006

Istanbul, Turkey               November 13-15, 2006

Prague, Czech Rep.         November 20-22, 2006

Warsaw, Poland               December 4-6, 2006

Munich, Germany           April 2-4, 2007

Maidenhead, UK              April 23-25, 2007



Intro to Microsoft Project Portfolio Server

Maidenhead, UK              November 2-3, 2006

Istanbul, Turkey               November 6-7, 2006

Bucharest, Romania        February 6-7, 2006



Microsoft Portfolio Server Deep Dive

Munich, Germany           November 14-17, 2006

Milan, Italy                          December 12-15 (sponsored by Italian sub, so first come basis will be offered to Italian partners)

Maidenhead, UK              January 23-26, 2006



Implementing Enterprise Project Management Server – registration TBC

Maidenhead, UK              November 6-8, 2006

Manama, Bahrain            January 9-11, 2007

Munich, Germany           February 5-7, 2007

Prague, Czech Rep.         February 19-21, 2007



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