Remove Profiles from a local or remote computer


A common need for a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and/or Citrix farm admin, is to remove local profiles from a server. Another example for this, is the question posted a few days ago in the forum here. Funny thing, about 6 years ago, I wrote a vbscript that does that. It just doesn’t filter…


Setting share permissions with WMI

With Windows Server 2012 we got the SmbShare Module. But since it’s a CDXML module that just defines the mapping between PowerShell cmdlets and CIM class operations or methods, it’s bound to the OS having the relevant CIM Classes. So it’s not portable to older operating systems. For Windows Server 2012 and above, there’s no…


Using DSC with the WinRM service disabled

  Every once in a while I come across a weird scenario where the customer’s requirements and/or limitations are so challenging that they take me to a interesting discovery journey. This time, the requirement was to use Desired State Configuration (DSC) in remote machines where there was no connectivity (with any protocol or port) to…