Disabling the Scripting.FileSystemObject ComObject (When you get the 0x8002801c error)

UnRegister scrrun.dll Error
UnRegister scrrun.dll Error

When working with a customer to automate the hardening process (STIG: Security Technical Implementation Guide) for IIS servers, we ran into a problem (error 0x8002801c) when we tried to run the following command in order to disable (unregister) the Scripting.FileSystemObject ComObject C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe /u scrrun.dll The 0x8002801c error translates to TYPE_E_REGISTRYACCESS. Using Sysinternal’s Process Monitor (aka…


Write to HKCU from the system account

In this scenario, I needed to be able to write to the currently logged on users’ HKCU registry, but from a process being run as local system. Afterwards I even had to write the HKCU for every user that will ever logon to the machine, and for every user that already logged-on before. The solution…


Detect .NET Framework versions installed

This script will detect the various .NET Framework versions installed on the local or remote computer(s). It queries the registry for the information (Remote Registry is required for querying the remote computer), and lists the .NET Framework version and it’s build. The logic and version information are based on https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh925568 The script file is available…


Changing Shared Folders’ Path

As usual, the ideas for the posts start as a question from a colleague or a customer. In this case, the customer had to distribute differently the folders in his FileServers’ volumes. He had added an additional drive, copied all the relevant folders, and now needed to change the shares (non cluster resources) settings. If…