Disabling the Scripting.FileSystemObject ComObject (When you get the 0x8002801c error)

UnRegister scrrun.dll Error
UnRegister scrrun.dll Error

When working with a customer to automate the hardening process (STIG: Security Technical Implementation Guide) for IIS servers, we ran into a problem (error 0x8002801c) when we tried to run the following command in order to disable (unregister) the Scripting.FileSystemObject ComObject C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe /u scrrun.dll The 0x8002801c error translates to TYPE_E_REGISTRYACCESS. Using Sysinternal’s Process Monitor (aka…


Adding extended properties as NoteProperties

Continuing my post on Filtering files by their metadata (extended properties), and a question raised by Ankor in the comments section, I decided to quickly wrap up a new function (based on the one in the post) that simply adds the specified extended properties as new note properties to the object in the pipeline. As…


Filtering files by their metadata (extended properties)

When you run Get-ChildItem or any of its’ aliases, you’ll get back an array of objects, usually System.IO.FileInfo and System.IO.DirectoryInfo (if you have directories too). The properties displayed are Mode, LastWritetime, Length and Name. Of course there are other properties in the returned objects, but these are the ones that get displayed by default (more…