Get Excel data without Excel

In a specific scenario, I needed to be able to query an Excel file and get data from a worksheet but I didn’t (and couldn’t) have the Office suite (or even Excel only) installed on the machine.

If the Excel file is and xlsx file (the new Microsoft Open XML Format since Excel 2007), you could extract the xml content (e.g. xl\worksheets\sheet1.xml) from the archive (the xlsx file is actually a compressed archive), read it as an xmlDocument, and so on... But it is not really that straight forward… I’ll leave it for a future post.

What I ended up doing, is using the ACE.OLEDB provider to query the Excel worksheet as if it were a SQL table. The only problem is, that you can call it only from 32bit applications. Don’t worry, you don’t have to explicitly run the script from a 32bit PowerShell console or ISE. I wrapped the code that queries the Excel as a scriptblock and I invoke it as a 32bit job using the -RunAs32 switch (see Get-Help about_Jobs or Get-Help Start-Job for more details)

The complete PowerShell example function is:

function Get-ExcelData {
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=0)]
        [String] $Path,

        [Parameter(Position=1, ParameterSetName='Worksheet')]
        [String] $WorksheetName = 'Sheet1',

        [Parameter(Position=1, ParameterSetName='Query')]
        [String] $Query = 'SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$]'

    switch ($pscmdlet.ParameterSetName) {
        'Worksheet' {
            $Query = 'SELECT * FROM [{0}$]' -f $WorksheetName
        'Query' {
            # Make sure the query is in the correct syntax (e.g. 'SELECT * FROM [SheetName$]')
            $Pattern = '.*from\b\s*(?<Table>\w+).*'
            if($Query -match $Pattern) {
                $Query = $Query -replace $Matches.Table, ('[{0}$]' -f $Matches.Table)

    # Create the scriptblock to run in a job
    $JobCode = {
        Param($Path, $Query)

        # Check if the file is XLS or XLSX 
        if ((Get-Item -Path $Path).Extension -eq 'xls') {
            $Provider = 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0'
            $ExtendedProperties = 'Excel 8.0;HDR=YES;IMEX=1'
        } else {
            $Provider = 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0'
            $ExtendedProperties = 'Excel 12.0;HDR=YES'
        # Build the connection string and connection object
        $ConnectionString = 'Provider={0};Data Source={1};Extended Properties="{2}"' -f $Provider, $Path, $ExtendedProperties
        $Connection = New-Object System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection $ConnectionString

        try {
            # Open the connection to the file, and fill the datatable
            $Adapter = New-Object -TypeName System.Data.OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter $Query, $Connection
            $DataTable = New-Object System.Data.DataTable
            $Adapter.Fill($DataTable) | Out-Null
        catch {
            # something went wrong 🙁
            Write-Error $_.Exception.Message
        finally {
            # Close the connection
            if ($Connection.State -eq 'Open') {

        # Return the results as an array
        return ,$DataTable

    # Run the code in a 32bit job, since the provider is 32bit only
    $job = Start-Job $JobCode -RunAs32 -ArgumentList $Path, $Query
    $job | Wait-Job | Receive-Job
    Remove-Job $job

Then, you can use it to get the entire default worksheet (Sheet1):

Get-ExcelData -Path C:\myFiles\Users.xlsx

Or to get a specific worksheet:

Get-ExcelData -Path C:\myFiles\Users.xlsx -WorksheetName 'Sheet2'

Or by specifying a query:

Get-ExcelData -Path C:\myFiles\Users.xlsx -Query 'SELECT TOP 3 * FROM Sheet3'

Or an even more complex query:

Get-ExcelData -Path C:\myFiles\Users.xlsx -Query "SELECT GivenName, Surname, City, State FROM Sheet1 WHERE State in ('CA','WA')"




Comments (26)

  1. Hi Martin,

    Thanks a lot for your article! That saved me a lot of time today 🙂
    Just a detail : you can now invoke your code directly without job thanks to the 64bit provider (available here :

  2. Anwar says:

    Thanks man. Its very useful code. Appreciate ur effort.

  3. Ross says:

    Hi Martin

    code above works beautifully so thank you for this.

    how would i adapt the code to populate the sql result (assuming only one record returned) into variable/s?
    e.g. for Get-ExcelData -Path C:\myFiles\Users.xlsx -Query “SELECT GivenName, Surname, City, State FROM Sheet1 WHERE State in (‘CA’,’WA’)”

    $GivenName = GivenName
    $Surname = Surname
    $City= City
    $State =State

    Reeason being i want to use these values to execute a command


    1. Hi Ross,
      The function returns a deserialized datatable, where you can easily access it’s rows:

      $results = Get-ExcelData -Path C:\myFiles\Users.xlsx -Query “SELECT TOP 1 GivenName, SureName, City, State FROM users”
      $GivenName = $results.Rows[0].GivenName
      $SureName = $results.Rows[0].SureName
      $City = $results.Rows[0].City
      # etc…


  4. Lorcan says:

    Hi, this is great thank you. much faster than using COM, even on large worksheets.

    I can’t seem to get it to query on headers that have spaces. Is there an easy way to do this?

    get-excel data -path C:\temp\test.xlsx -query “SELECT * from sheet1 where “Space Test” = 1″
    get-excel data -path C:\temp\test.xlsx -query “SELECT * from sheet1 where ‘Space Test’ = 1”

    1. skyruiss says:

      try with brackets
      get-excel data -path C:\temp\test.xlsx -query “SELECT * from sheet1 where [Space Test] = 1″

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello Martin,

    Is it possible to select a certain range from the excel sheet?
    For example Servernames in range [B6:B367] ?

    1. Yes. But you can’t do this without Excel installed on the machine.
      You’d have to use the Excel comObject.

  6. J says:

    Great Post!

    If I wanted the output to mimic excel, how would I do that? I’m trying to convert excel to csv without excel installed. What I’m doing currently after the code is this:
    $newname = $file.FullName -replace ‘\.xlsx’, ‘.csv’
    $OUTPUT = Get-ExcelData -Path $file.FullName
    $OUTPUT | OUT-FILE $newname

    1. You just need to change the last line of code, to;
      $OUTPUT | Export-Csv -Path $newname -NoTypeInformation

      1. krish says:

        Hello Martin,
        I have xlsx file and getting the details on screen using above script with the below command.
        Get-ExcelData -Path D:\sample.xlsx -Query “SELECT * FROM Sheet1 WHERE[ID]=’1′”.
        Now how can I get the output to a new excel file and save it locally.

        1. With the code provided in this post, you can’t.
          You can only query Excel and then output the objects to a CSV file (as explained above).
          If you want more, check out or

  7. -Mr Happy- says:

    Thanks for sharing. Very helpful.

  8. m0del101 says:

    thanks this is exactly what I’m after! 🙂

  9. Christian Schmitterer says:

    I agree to Aymeric! Thanks a lot. And thanks to Aymeric to share the new information.

  10. Christian Schmitterer says:

    Is there a limitation to 255 columns? I have a larger file and it seems, that the driver only reads the first 255 columns.

  11. Nelson says:

    Great info but I need to rename a worksheet, How can I do that without Excel installed ?

    1. AFAIK, there’s no way of doing this without Excel installed.

  12. Naveen says:

    IF my Sheet name having blanks script is not working. can you please help me to resolve this.

    1. Set the name with square brackets. e.g.:
      Get-ExcelData -Path C:\myFiles\Users.xlsx -Query ‘SELECT TOP 3 * FROM [my Sheet]’

  13. NarunAdhrit says:

    Is it possible to use 2 different excel sheets as 2 tables and join them using a primary key?

  14. krish says:

    Quick Help Please: Using the query as below & getting the mentioned error for the same code used above. But display all the records when WHERE CONDITION not provided. Please support.
    Get-ExcelData -Path D:\Folder\sample.xlsx -Query “SELECT * FROM Sheet1 WHERE[EMP NO]=10”
    Exception calling “Fill” with “1” argument(s): “Data type mismatch in criteria expression.”
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException
    + PSComputerName : localhost

    1. krish says:

      I got the output by using below query”
      Get-ExcelData -Path D:\Folder\sample.xlsx -Query “SELECT * FROM Sheet1 WHERE[EMP NO]=’10’”

  15. Anonymous says:
    (The content was deleted per user request)
  16. How can I insert to this data tables

    I have results from sqldb and I need to push it to the specific column of an excel sheet say “I”-Header “state” with respect to the value of the “a”- header “value” column.

    Scenario..insert SQL value to “I” column with header “state” when “A” column matches

    The sql data I have has 2 columns the first column matches with the “A” column of the excel data ..
    Please help me with the workaround..

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