Checking MPS and AD Integrity… Part #7: OAB Servers

Yes, while the whole world is talking and about to planning to move towards the next release of Hosted Exchange (Exchange Server 2010), I haven’t forgotten that we still have folks in HMC world. The good news is that the migration guide is on the way. I have read through it, looks reasonable so far….


Checking MPS and AD Integrity… Part #6: Mailbox and Public Folder Database

At the heart of HMC is MPS. And at the heart of this this MPS is that 2 mysterious databases, the PlanManager and ResourceManager databases. What I am trying to do is to attempt to provide you guys some script to help you to better know your environment to at least know the health of your…


Checking MPS and AD Integrity… Part #5: Contacts and Groups

Hi, we have been talking about Exchange Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010 for the past few weeks. Let’s get back to HMC a little bit. We were talking about MPS with AD Integrity check. I am grouping all the HMC’s MPS and AD integrity check into the “Integrity Check” category. You will find all the…


HMC Resource Management – Part #3 – HMC Plan Management

  In part#1 and part#2, we discussed about the databases in the HMC Resource Management and also we briefly discussed about how Active Directory fit into the picture of the HMC Resource Management. Now, before we dive into the resource management of each product, let’s talk about Plan Management. Plan Management In HMC 4.x, we…


HMC Resource Management – Part #1 – PlanManager and ResourceManager – Overall Concept

I believe one of the most mysterious parts of HMC is about the MPS engine and the Resource Management databases. Between last December and January, I blogged about how different products (Exchange, SharePoint and OCS) integrate in a HMC Solution. However, understanding just the integration points without knowing the resource management portion definitely does not…