Office 365 and BlackBerry… $0 per user per month!

Now, I thought this is an interesting move by BB that I like to share with everyone. So, if you are currently a hoster, you should probably contact RIM and discuss with them on similar BlackBerry Services. 🙂 Cheers, Kip


Checking MPS and AD Integrity… Part #7: OAB Servers

Yes, while the whole world is talking and about to planning to move towards the next release of Hosted Exchange (Exchange Server 2010), I haven’t forgotten that we still have folks in HMC world. The good news is that the migration guide is on the way. I have read through it, looks reasonable so far….


Checking MPS and AD Integrity… Part #6: Mailbox and Public Folder Database

At the heart of HMC is MPS. And at the heart of this this MPS is that 2 mysterious databases, the PlanManager and ResourceManager databases. What I am trying to do is to attempt to provide you guys some script to help you to better know your environment to at least know the health of your…


Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Beta Hosting Deployment… Part #8 – Address List Segregation

Yes, Address List Segregation, it is time to talk about it. In Exchange Server 2007, Address List Segregation is really the heart of Hosted Exchange. If we do the address list segregation correctly, then the client should not be able to see another tenant and each tenant will sort of have their very own virtual…


Checking MPS and AD Integrity… Part #5: Contacts and Groups

Hi, we have been talking about Exchange Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010 for the past few weeks. Let’s get back to HMC a little bit. We were talking about MPS with AD Integrity check. I am grouping all the HMC’s MPS and AD integrity check into the “Integrity Check” category. You will find all the…


SharePoint 2010… Multi-tenancy Support for Hosters – It is there if you want it.

To avoid overdose of Exchange, this weekend, I took some time to look at SharePoint 2010 and just to see how much has changed since the SharePoint version we used in HMC 4.5. In HMC 4.5, we used Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1. I blogged about this back in January 2009. It is here if…


Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Beta Hosting Deployment… Part #7 – Transport Segregation

Back in 2008, I wrote a couple of blogs about the things we do to multi-tenant Exchange Server 2007 in HMC. In those blog posts, I walked through from a high level the components in Exchange that HMC changes to make the product multi-tenant. You can read them here, Now, in those posts, I talked about…


Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Beta Hosting Deployment… Part #6 – Btw, Remote Powershell works too. Now, that’s wicked!

In Part #5, I blogged about how you can utilize Exchange Control Panel (ECP) in a hosting deployment. Those are all really good. What I didn’t tell you is that, Remote PowerShell works too for tenant organization in a hosting deployment. Now, most of you already know that in Exchange Server 2010, the PowerShell concept…