HMC’s Hosted Exchange to Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Hosting Deployment Migration Guide.

Hi folks,

So, we have been mentioning the migration guide for Hosted Exchange in HMC to Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Hosting Deployment for a while. So, here it is, folks.





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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me rephrase that properly. What I wanted to say was that, because it was written primarily for HMC 4.5, the procedures wasn't tested for HMC 3.5 or even 4.0. There might be certain procedures that the guide recommends will not work.

    Can you really migrate from HMC 3.5 to Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Hosting Deployment, the answer is yes, everything is possible. You can use the migration guide as a reference such as how you can associate a user to an organization, migrating using ADMT and etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Liquid,

    Unfortunately, no. There may be some stuff or ways to tweak it to work but it isn't written for 3.5. For sure things like mailbox migration and etc. will not work.

  3. Liquid says:

    Hi, i read this guide and figure out, that its write for migration from HMC 4.5. It is possible to use it for migration from HMC 3.5 Exchnage 2003 SP2?

  4. Liquid says:

    Please, can you tell me in wich part will be trouble? ADMT can be installed, Exchange 2010 SP1 CAS can be installed into the Exhcnage 2003 enviroment, domain trust can be established.

  5. Zolee says:


    Whent I try to run PrepareOrgMailboxes.ps1 script I get following error message:

    found mailbox – adding to list of mailboxes to be prepared

    Missing '=' operator after key in hash literal.

    At C:MigrationfilesPrepare-MoveRequestHosting.ps1:262 char:6

    +     if ( <<<< $DisableAccount) {

       + CategoryInfo          : ParserError: (:) [], ParseException

       + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MissingEqualsInHashLiteral

    What is the problem?

    Thanks in advance.


  6. jdiaz says:

    As usual, in the HMC world, after selling a product invest a lot, not taking in consideration your previous customer that just still running HMC 3.5

  7. aw says:

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