Thinking about migrating to Exchange 2010 SP1 from HMC already?

Here is a shameless copy and paste from a deck by Microsoft Communication Sector Industry Director. A pretty good high level diagram that tells you 2 different scenarios and how you can move to Exchange 2010 Hosting Deployment. Here, a picture says it all,

For both scenarios, you need to manually migrate the users as well as the mailboxes to the new forest. Of course, there will be some specific guidance as to where to move the objects to and that you need to understand the new Organization structure in AD in Exchange 2010 SP1 Hosting Deployment.


Hosting Scenario #1

If you are currently using a 3rd party control panel which leverage the HMC/MPS framework, then this scenario is for you. The migration is probably going to be pretty straightforward, as in your control panel vendor provider will probably have some migration guidance for you to do that.

Hosting Scenario #2

If you are currently using your very own customized control panel, then you should consider either to buy a 3rd party control panel and if you are one of those brave souls or you really very specific things that no other 3rd party control panel can provide, then you need to look at how to convert your control panel to cater for the new Exchange 2010 SP1 Hosting Deployment model. There should be a migration guidance document come up from Microsoft soon to help you on this. ETA, don't know yet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am not sure if there is any guidance being worked on to migrate the SharePoint from HMC to Hosting Environment for SharePoint 2010. I will surely post it here if I find out anything.

    Anyway, the good news is that the integration of SharePoint into the HMC environment is really quite minimum, unlike in Ecxhange. The move will probably be more of a content move than dealing with anything in HMC. HMC really only keeps a few things for Hosted
    SharePoint, such as the service plans tied to the organization and the SharePoint sites that tied to the organization. So, those inforamtion will be part of your new control panel rather than anything from the SharePoint product.

    In the meanwhile, have a look at the following if you like to have a good overview of what Hosting Environments for SharePoint 2010 looks like,

    Hosting Environments for SharePoint 2010 Products…/details.aspx



  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Dondy. It needs to be installed on a clean environment because of configuration structure change in hosting mode.

  3. Chris Price says:

    Hey Kip,

    That's great if all you are doing is Hosted Exchange.

    What about SharePoint migrations – has there been any guidance of HMC –> Hosted Sharepoint 2010 yet?


  4. Dondy says:

    is new forest a must ? can't we just upgrade the forest / schema to support Exchange 2010 ?

  5. sparol says:

    Will there be any workaround for this problem? Every hosting companies all over the world cant sett up a new forest to get exchange 2010!?

  6. Russ D. says:

    I'm using Exhcange 2007 and HMC and now wish switching to Exchange 2010 SP2. I'm looking for some service/solution/how-to to migrate. Can you please help me doing it myself or recommend some provider? To mention, I have approach MachSol [] for SP2 migration as I found them being only provider to support Exchange 2010 SP2. Do you have any thoughts on this?

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