Project Online: Notifications even if you don’t have Exchange Online

We are just rolling out some changes – and they should be hitting all Project Online tenant sites by now – which allow for Project notifications and reminders to be sent to accounts outside of Exchange Online.  So as long as you have a ‘Work email’ configured with the desired address for the user they can get alerts for new task assignments and various levels of reminders.  There is a setting that governs notifications working even if you do have Exchange Online – and this would need turning on too – so I’ll start with there.  Go to PWA Settings, Additional Server Settings and scroll right down to the bottom – and the Turn on notifications option will be found.  Check the box if it isn’t already checked.


In my tenant I have some users in Exchange Online, and others who are not.  If I want the ones who are not in Exchange Online to also get notifications then I can add their e-mail addresses into their SharePoint User Profiles (if they are not already there) by navigating to the Admin portals, then selecting SharePoint under Admin Centers, user profiles once I get to the SharePoint Admin Center – and finally Manage User Profiles.

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There should be a user profile for each user – if you don’t find one then maybe that user has not logged in yet.  I am going to add a Work email to my BrianMSN2 account.  This user has a Project Online license, but does not have an Exchange Online license.  I use the find option – then I can right click to edit the profile.


The Work email field is quite a way down the long list of properties – and here I have set my Microsoft account..


So you can see, three of the ‘Brian’ accounts are using the Exchange Online accounts for the tenant – and BrianMSN2 should get their notifications through


Important to note that the e-mail address is not displayed under Manage User within PWA.


If I now assign a new task to BrianMSN2 – an e-mail should go out.


And here it is!


Thanks for all the hard work in the Project product group for making this happen.  Of course if you already had the Work email configured (as SharePoint notifications already used this field) and PWA notifications turned on then your users may already have started seeing these hit their inboxes.

Comments (6)

  1. Hongtao Zhou says:

    Great! Thanks Brian!

  2. Chad Olson says:

    Thanks Brian. This will definitely help. We now need a way to update the work email address in the user profile service in bulk. Let us know if you know of a way to automate this process.

    1. I’ll see if I can come up with something Chad – I’d probably start by looking at something like this blog Always possible that Paul Mather will come up with a solution first ;).
      Best regards,

  3. Barbara Henhapl says:

    Hi Brian,

    thanks. So far I have worked around this limitations using to edit e-mail address for Project Online/Server resources.
    After testing new feature, I realize that e-mail address on resource level is in some way “stronger” than work address.
    Do we need to expect any changes on this behaviour?

  4. Pauline Seale says:

    Hi Brian – thanks for this very useful information. If the User accounts in Project Online are populated with Exchange (O365) email details, but the preference is to use a local Work Email account for notifications – will the notification get sent to both accounts? Or will the notification be sent to the Exchange account by virtue of the details being available? Thanks

  5. Luigi Bruno says:

    That’s useful. Thanks Brian.

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