Project Online: SharePoint 2013 Workflow Throttling

In Project Online and SharePoint Online there are various levels of resource usage that can trigger throttling of your service – and potentially blocking completely.  A great general article on this topic can be found at – titled How to: Avoid getting throttled or blocked in SharePoint Online. 

There is a new SharePoint 2013 throttling mechanism coming into play currently that will suspend workflow instances when it reaches 1000 outbound requests within 24 hours.  If a workflow does get suspended, then the reason for suspension will be displayed against the workflow status – so you can check if it was throttling related or some other reason.  You can then resume the workflow after the 24h have expired (this starts from the time the instance is created or resumed). 


This change is specifically documented at - SharePoint 2013 workflow throttling and performance in SharePoint Online and Project Online.  The example given are very SharePoint centric – and I will be looking to follow up on this post with more details of how this relates directly to Proect Online in terms of instance and scope definitions, as well as how out Project Online specific activities can play into this.  We will likely have some samples too – in another KB.  So just a heads up at this point – more information will follow – but if you have particularly chatty or loopy workflows you may get throttled!

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  1. Trutz Stephani says:

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the heads up. As SharePoint 2013 is mentioned a lot in the article, but the KB says it applies to “online” only, will the throttling be introduced to “On Premises” at some time by a specific patch or is it already in place?
    Kind regards,
    Trutz Stephani

    1. Hi Trutz, this doesn’t apply to SharePoint 2013 on-premises – and the references are really just to the type of workflow – so ‘SharePoint 2013’ workflows rather than ‘SharePoint 2010’ workflows. Hope that makes sense.
      Best regards,

      1. Trutz Stephani says:

        Thanks Brian, that helped to clarify it. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Brian,

    You mentioned that there will be an update with some specific scenarios for Project Online. Appreciate your backlog is probably very large, but did you ever manage to pull something together on this?


    1. Hi Lester – nothing yet, but I’ll see f I can get more details to post this week.
      Best regards,

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