Project Online: Notifications coming soon!

You may already have seen some other posts on this topic – and notifications in Project Online (aka Alerts and Reminders) will be rolling out to everyone soon.  Some of you may already be seeing the option on Additional Server Settings – and some will have started seeing some e-mails even though they haven’t yet seen the option to turn notifications on!  More on that later – but first – how does this work?  The PWA Settings, Additional Server Settings will have a new option right down at the foot of the page – Notification Email Settings – and it will be OFF by default when the option becomes available.


Once this is turned on, then you will also see new options under the Personal Settings section of PWA Settings, allowing you to configure which e-mails you would like to receive.  (I’m in Project Server permissions mode – not that this makes a difference to notifications, but just in case you don’t see the same settings).


Under these options you have a variety of alerts you can configure – I have quite a few checked as I’ve been trying out the feature.


The emails will look something like this:


The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address associated with the resource in PWA.  If the resource is also a user then this will be auto-populated from their Office 365 account or AD (and cannot be changed!) – we do not use the SharePoint profile ‘work email address’.  If the resource is a pure resource and not a user in Project Online then they can have their e-mail edited – so you could send task notifications out to any external address. 

We have seen some reports of e-mails firing even before the option to enable notifications has been set – or even available.  It looks like we have some rogue alerts that are not correctly checking that the notification is enabled – and sending anyway – hopefully we will get this under control soon.  Notifications of updated tasks (timesheet or my tasks status updates) is one category of change that appears to be triggering these notifications.  If are affected by this and you want to turn these  notifications off, and you are not yet seeing the above menu options you can still navigate directly to the page(s) – just change the tenantname and the your PWA:

For My Alerts:" href="">https://<tenantname><your_pwa>/_layouts/15/pwa/Notification/Self_Notification.aspx

For My Resources Alerts:" href="">https://<tenantname><your_pwa>/_layouts/15/pwa/Notification/Mgr_Notification.aspx

Comments (14)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi Brian. Very interested in implementing this ms project online feature however, as Administrator of PWA, I am not seeing notifications in admin settings? We are sharepoint permissions mode. Any advice?

  2. Ian Bruckner says:

    How does this apply to timesheets? We use single entry mode and have hidden the links to status reports to keep it simple for our organization. Our resource managers are very keen on getting all the types of notifications above, but on timesheets instead.

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    The notification choice is still not available here.

  4. anonymouscommenter says:

    I have already enabled this configuration but it did work out for me because I´m using EPM on line and my account is diffent of my original email, my account is but my original email is not configured at microsoft office
    365, . I have configured the account the ALTERNATIVE EMAIL but even though it is not working.

    Do you know other way to solve it?

    1. Not aware of any way to resolve this – we only use the mail that gets pre-populated with your account. If you used a sync to AD and had that e-mail configured in AD that might work. We are actively looking at this scenario currently – and one thing I did find, which isn’t useful in your scenario, is that for a pure resource (not a user who logs in) you can set any e-mail address and notifications will work (but of course they can’t action them…)
      Best regards,

      1. Fabio Finatti says:

        We have the same problem, our company email is not hosted by (office 365) so we cannot receive this alerts… that are EXTREMELLY important for us…
        Why do not use the “work email address” ?

  5. Erwin Fiebig says:

    Hi Brian
    The notification choice is available in our PWA, but emails are not being send.

  6. I am not sure if this thread is meant to address this, but how do I make notifications a global setting for everyone without having to go into the project / task itself and turn on notifications? This is a surprisingly basic need / request. I feel like I am missing something.

  7. Erlend says:

    Is it possible to use the notifications in Office 365/Project Online without Exchange in the tenant? In other words: can we control the email address that the notification is sent to per user?

    1. Hi Fabio, Erland, the product group are reviewing the use of the work e-mail address – which would bring us in line with how SharePoint can send notifications to other mail addresses. More info when I have it.
      Best regards,

      1. Fabio Finatti says:

        Hi Brian!
        That is fantastic news… Looking forward to hear from you soon about this matter.

        Thanks for your attention.

      2. Karsten CHAN says:

        Actually we are using project online and also we have the exchange server in our company. How can we configure them together that we can use the e-mail alert.

        1. We just made some changes Karsten and using the ‘Work e-mail’ address in the Profile Service should allow you to send to any e-mail. I plan to post a blog on this soon.
          Best regards,

          1. Alexander says:

            Hello! Should I install any updates to Project Server 2016 to fix alerts sending issue? I filled in “Work email” field in Profile, but email alerts don’t work. Thank you!

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