Siena now available in German and Japanese

The Japanese and German versions of Siena are now available in the Windows Store. Note that we have done an unusually "deep" globalization and localization. For example, it's not just the UI menus that will appear in Japanese and German. Every formula, every function, every property name will now be in the right language. That is what Siena…


A dress selection experience integrated to data

Ever since we released the WADL Generator tool (in alpha) for Siena, it's become easy to get Project Siena to work with See for an app that delivers a novel fashion selection experience, with the key product data coming from Also see for how Wade Waggoner built a Siena + app, including…

Project Siena and global partners

At the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, we had the opportunity to introduce three of our global partners who are creating apps for customers using Project Siena: Fujitsu, Aditi and Persistent Systems. I wanted to share two links: Vijay Mital, General Manager, Project Siena

Project Siena in CEO's Worldwide Partner Conference Keynote

Many of you have referred to Satya Nadella's recent keynote at the Worldwide Partner Conference, where Project Siena was demo'd. Wanted to share a couple of links: Vijay Mital, General Manager, Project Siena