Project Server 2016 – Save engagements did not succeed

Issue - Project Managers get below error, while saving Project Plan in Project Professional 2016. It affects users who are using Project Professional with Project Server 2016. Project Publish process should complete just fine.

Please note that this issue is noticed after upgrading Project Server to Project Server 2016.

Errors - 

Save Engagements did not succeed. Please make sure you are online and try again. 



An unexpected error occurred during command execution. 

Try the following:

  • Verify that all argument names and values are correct and are of the correct type. 
  • You may have run out of memory. To free up available memory, close programs, projects, or windows that you aren't using.


Potential cause - Project Server 2013 doesn't support Engagement feature as it was introduced in Project Server 2016.

Resolution - Modify global permission in existing groups (such as Project Managers) and allow 'View Resource Plan" permission. Or create a new group allow "View Resource Plan" permission and add all the affected users into the newly created group.



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  1. Mustaq Hussain says:

    Good and very useful info,

  2. Very Useful article. Should be part of the documentation

  3. Joshua Wirth says:

    Awesome find Jignesh thanks for the info this was causing problems for one of my customers.

    1. I am glad that it helped you!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Resolved my issue

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