No permissions to read Project Web Access Enterprise Global file.

I have been setting up my Project Server 2013 multi-server test farm for a demonstration next week which will show my customer how you can configure web apps and PWA instances to use different or the same content DBs. (Generally, I recommend using separate content DBs for each PWA instance.)

In the process, I was setting up Project Pro 2013 with accounts and could not connect to any of my spanking new PWA instances.

Any time I attempted to connect while logged in as the farm admin, I received a message saying "No permissions to read Project Web App Enterprise Global file. The Project Web App Enterprise Global could not be access. Contact your Administrator."

Here's a screenshot.

After some fumbling to confirm I did, in fact, have all the permissions I needed, and researching internally and searching online, I decided that since I was running SP1 and the Nov 2014 CU, updating to the Feb 2015 CU wouldn't buy me very much, so...

I reran the SharePoint Configuration wizard on all my Project Servers one at a time.  That solved my problem.

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  1. thanks thanks so much . this article survive us and we hope that author of this article InshaAllah forever has health body and soul. i link to this article from question page linkback to you.

  2. Thank you for reading the blog, Saber! I am happy this post was useful for you.

    1. Thank you Dear Brook! We have many event receivers in SharePoint and project server in item creations and Projects that published for permissions and other security goals. we have many questions that we don’t know Are there any better design exist or not? how and where we can write those problems and describe those discussions and how can we better use from EXPERTS and your experiences?

      1. The best place to have input on your questions is the TechNet Forums. Here is the link – Microsoft support engineers often answer questions for users there. If your company has a Premier enterprise agreement with Microsoft, you may be able to obtain help from Premier Field Engineers like myself in your part of the world.

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