Back to Basics: Groups and Categories

Project Server security is something that is very flexible once you get used to how it works but it can be a bit confusing when you first look at it. Here are the basics as I explain them to my customers: The Group Groups contain sets of users and they define the system level permissions…


MCS EPM Center of Excellence Team Blog

Inside Microsoft the EPM COE has always had a strong reputation but outside of Microsoft it was not as well known. This team, which I am very proud to be a member of, just started a team blog here: where we will all be sharing our real world, field tested thoughts, opinions and guidance….


Server-Side Calculation of Custom Field Formulas

So I have a PSI application that pulls data from Oracle Financials and correlates it to specific projects in Project Server. using a key field it brings over 6 fields and writes it to 6 Project level Enterprise Number fields. It updates the fields and then calls QueueUpdateProject which should trigger a recalculation of custom…


To RBS or Not to RBS?

There can be confusion among those deploying Project Server about if they need to define and use an RBS as part of their security structure. There is lots of information and a lot of opinions. Here is more information and one more opinion. Hopefully one that rings true in your experience. When you Need RBS…


New Disaster Recovery Info on TechNet

If you deploy or manage a deployment of Project Server 2007 you should read this new content:


No Thanks, I’ll Be Having the Crow

File this under reason 467 why I don’t make my living as a full time developer. Yesterday I posted some code for parsing out a comma delimited text field, such as a multi-value enterprise field in Project Server 2007. Today a real developer pointed out that there is a function that does the same thing…


Deployment Practices: Configuration >< Process

It is easy for users new to a system like Project Server to see the configuration of fields, views, reports and security as the whole picture of doing a deployment of Project Server. It is also easy to see why there might be this confusion. On the surface it makes sense. You look at the…


VBA Code For Parsing a MultiValue Text Field

If you are in Project Server 2007 you can have an Enterprise Text using a lookup table that can contain more than one value. If you then need to work with that field data in code (VBA or VSTO) you can use the GetField function to get the value of that field. The catch is…