Risk Mitigation vs Risk Contingency

Technorati Tags: Project Server 2010,Risk Planning Glen Alleman has an interesting post here on his thoughts about how risks are handled. He talks about Risk Retirement as the process of taking steps to stop a risk from happening. He references a post elsewhere from Brad Egeland that talks about Risk Mitigation as the process of…

PMBlvd Blog Guest Post

I guest posted over on the PMBlvd blog “PM Bistro” about keeping processes and PM tools simple. Check it out.

Is Agile Really just “Good Project Management”?

Glenn Alleman has a great post here asking the question “If I’m Doing Project Management Right am I Agile?” and my answer is a resounding PROBABLY!!!  🙂 I have been thinking this same thing since way back in 2004 when I posted about an article I saw about agile methods. My post was called “Agile…


ReliabilityQuality of Data

In the past few weeks I have seen a ton of questions floating around about users of project management systems wanting to see reporting showing resource capacity vs. demand. Now you might be saying “But Brian, that is pretty common. Doesn’t EVERYONE want this kind of data from their PM system?” to which I would…