Interactive Command Finder for 2010 Ribbon

Technorati Tags: Project 2010 I almost forgot to share this! Let me start by saying that I LOVE the Fluent UI (“Ribbon”). I was not so sure about it at first when started using Office 2007 but after a short time I was pretty happy. Now in 2010 you can add your own buttons it…

MCS EPM Center of Excellence Team Blog

Inside Microsoft the EPM COE has always had a strong reputation but outside of Microsoft it was not as well known. This team, which I am very proud to be a member of, just started a team blog here: where we will all be sharing our real world, field tested thoughts, opinions and guidance….

Three Point Estimation (PERT) in Project 2010: Take 1

  As some of you may already know the PERT Addin that was in Project for several versions was NOT included in Project 2010. The good news is that below we have the first version of some sample code you can use to add the feature back into the product! This first version does not…


It’s a Thanksgiving Beta!

If you are enough of a Project-nerd to read this blog you likely already know that the Project 2010 public beta is out and ready for you to download. I have been using and testing it several months and I can honestly say that it is the strongest version of Project I have ever seen….


Project 2010 Feature: Team Planner

OK, flat out this is the coolest thing to happen to the Project desktop since, well, since maybe EVER! So here is a sample project. 5 tasks, 4 of them assigned to Del Griffith:   Here is the project represented in the Team Planner view: A row for each resource with each of their task…

Project 2010 Features: Timeline

The Timeline is a very cool feature in Project 2010 Standard and Professional. It adds a pane at the top of the Gantt Chart view that looks very much like a Visio timeline drawing. You can pick which tasks from your project show up in the Timeline. It allows you to create presentation ready depictions…