MCS EPM Center of Excellence Team Blog

Inside Microsoft the EPM COE has always had a strong reputation but outside of Microsoft it was not as well known. This team, which I am very proud to be a member of, just started a team blog here: where we will all be sharing our real world, field tested thoughts, opinions and guidance….


The Amazon Kindle Is Very Cool

The Amazon Kindle is quite possibly the coolest piece of hardware I have owned since I got my first laptop. Seriously. As an often on the road consultant it has changed my life. I read a lot. Generally 2 or 3 books a week. Doing this with printed books was always an exercise in, well…


Project Server Infrastructure Update

<This is a reposting of content from the Official Project Blog but since it is a pretty important item I am reposting completely.> Introduction On July 15th, 2008 Microsoft announced the availability of the Infrastructure Update for Office Servers. The Infrastructure Update for Office Servers is a set of updates to improve platform performance and…


New Home for Projectified

I have moved Projectified to the following address: The same FeedBurner RSS feed  ( still works as I changed its settings to point to the TechNet blog. The existing site will stay up for a long time or until I can figure out how to bulk export the posts from here and import…