Project 2010 Feature: Team Planner

OK, flat out this is the coolest thing to happen to the Project desktop since, well, since maybe EVER! So here is a sample project. 5 tasks, 4 of them assigned to Del Griffith:   Here is the project represented in the Team Planner view: A row for each resource with each of their task…

Project 2010 Features: Timeline

The Timeline is a very cool feature in Project 2010 Standard and Professional. It adds a pane at the top of the Gantt Chart view that looks very much like a Visio timeline drawing. You can pick which tasks from your project show up in the Timeline. It allows you to create presentation ready depictions…

Auto-Generate ProjectID in Portfolio Server 2007

You can have Project Portfolio Server 2007 auto-generate a ProjectID for you. To do so: Click Settings | Organization Management | Organization Settings Pick your organization and then click Edit In the Organization Template Code you enter the template codes for how you want the number generated using the following codes: {D} – current day…


Project Conference

Late next week I will be in Phoenix for the pre-events and meetings for the Project Conference. If you are going to be there let me know. I will be trying to update here with the big stuff and will be updating with the small things.   I hope to see everyone there.