Project Server with Excel Services

Treb’s Business Intel group on the Product Team has developed some instructions for setting up Excel Services with Project Server. Check it out.

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Project Server “Infrastructure Update” Client Version Numbers

After you install the Infrastructure Update for Project Server these are the versions you will see on the client. In IE you will see these two ActiveX controls: Control                 Version                                ID PJ12ENUC           12,0,4518,1014                  {D5B680E5-9C5F-45E0-A97C-521D4F281173} PJAdoInfo4         12,0,6320,5000                  {E3089160-E8AD-4C5B-B47C-ADDF3DF660DD}   In the Project Professional version in Help | About: 12.0.6318.5000  SP1 MSO (12.0.6218.1000)

New Disaster Recovery Info on TechNet

If you deploy or manage a deployment of Project Server 2007 you should read this new content:

No Thanks, I’ll Be Having the Crow

File this under reason 467 why I don’t make my living as a full time developer. Yesterday I posted some code for parsing out a comma delimited text field, such as a multi-value enterprise field in Project Server 2007. Today a real developer pointed out that there is a function that does the same thing…

Deployment Practices: Configuration >< Process

It is easy for users new to a system like Project Server to see the configuration of fields, views, reports and security as the whole picture of doing a deployment of Project Server. It is also easy to see why there might be this confusion. On the surface it makes sense. You look at the…

VBA Code For Parsing a MultiValue Text Field

If you are in Project Server 2007 you can have an Enterprise Text using a lookup table that can contain more than one value. If you then need to work with that field data in code (VBA or VSTO) you can use the GetField function to get the value of that field. The catch is…

Project Server Infrastructure Update

<This is a reposting of content from the Official Project Blog but since it is a pretty important item I am reposting completely.> Introduction On July 15th, 2008 Microsoft announced the availability of the Infrastructure Update for Office Servers. The Infrastructure Update for Office Servers is a set of updates to improve platform performance and…


Shot at Visualizing an “SBS”

Clearly a single strategy can be served by many projects and a single project can serve many strategies. The discussions I have had both in the comments of my previous strategy breakdown structure posts and in the emails I have received have brought up some very interesting points. I have gone from liking the idea…


SBS Taxonomy

2nd old Strategy Breakdown Structure post… OK so I will take a first shot at what the levels of the SBS would look like. Strategic Initiative         Objective                 Program                         Project                                 WBS Just a shot into the thin air. How do you all (all 18 of you LOL) see this working? How would…