Project Server Technical Library in a Single File

I know what you are saying “No way, how could they do it?” But it is all right there. It slices, it dices it makes thousands of julienne fries. But it also lets you have every technical document on Project Server 2007 in one place that you can search. It is amazing. NOW how much would you pay. OK anyway… this is pretty cool and you should download it right now. Tech Docs in a Single File


Now when I downloaded it I got a small issue where it would not show me any of the content. I’m not sure if this is an issue based on my OS (I’m running Windows Server 2008 on my laptop) but here is the fix. If you right click on the .chm file and then hit Properties you may see a button that says “Unblock” if you see it then click it and then you will be able to see the content of the file.


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  1. Seth Gillespie says:


    Thanks for the "unblock" tip – I’m on Vista and had the same issue as you. I checked the Microsoft website where the download is found and this fix was *not* noted. Keep up the good work!

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