Server-Side Calculation of Custom Field Formulas

So I have a PSI application that pulls data from Oracle Financials and correlates it to specific projects in Project Server. using a key field it brings over 6 fields and writes it to 6 Project level Enterprise Number fields. It updates the fields and then calls QueueUpdateProject which should trigger a recalculation of custom…



Given the season I have started thinking about what I’m thankful for. Here is my list of a few things I am thankful for this year: My wife and my children. All the normal clichés apply of course but they are clichés. I would not be where I am or who I am without them….


Project Server Technical Library in a Single File

I know what you are saying “No way, how could they do it?” But it is all right there. It slices, it dices it makes thousands of julienne fries. But it also lets you have every technical document on Project Server 2007 in one place that you can search. It is amazing. NOW how much…


ReliabilityQuality of Data

In the past few weeks I have seen a ton of questions floating around about users of project management systems wanting to see reporting showing resource capacity vs. demand. Now you might be saying “But Brian, that is pretty common. Doesn’t EVERYONE want this kind of data from their PM system?” to which I would…


To RBS or Not to RBS?

There can be confusion among those deploying Project Server about if they need to define and use an RBS as part of their security structure. There is lots of information and a lot of opinions. Here is more information and one more opinion. Hopefully one that rings true in your experience. When you Need RBS…


Quick and Dirty Schedule Auditing

Here is some starter code for doing quick checks of the tasks in a project. This code will create a ‘report’ that shows the tasks that have estimated durations, tasks that are not fixed work and tasks that do not have any resources assigned. It also collects the names of resources that are not assigned…


Moving Tasks With VBA

So the problem was that a customer wanted to be able to move a task that was at ID 7 and move it so that it was at ID 2. Sadly, VBA for Project does not contain a Task.Move method. But with a little bit of code around them you can use a Cut and…


TechNet Web Cast Series on Project Server 2007

Christophe blogged  about the new Technet web cast series being done by Michael Jordan. For those that do not know who Mike is, he pretty much holds rock star status in the Project Server world. When he talks about Project Server people stop what the are doing and start taking notes. 🙂 The series includes…


The Amazon Kindle Is Very Cool

The Amazon Kindle is quite possibly the coolest piece of hardware I have owned since I got my first laptop. Seriously. As an often on the road consultant it has changed my life. I read a lot. Generally 2 or 3 books a week. Doing this with printed books was always an exercise in, well…