Project Server Best practices for virtualization

I know of lot of you are virtualizing our application, this recent article for SharePoint 2010 is a great reminder of best practices for Project Server 2010 as well:

  1. Use hardware-assisted virtualization
  2. Enable hyper-threading on processors that support this technology
  3. Configure Non-Uniform Memory Access correctly
  4. Configure the Hyper-V host for optimal performance
  5. Maintain version compatibility for integration services
  6. Determine storage options that are based on virtual machine roles and workloads
  7. Configure general virtual machine settings for performance and stability
  8. Do not use snapshots in a production environment
  9. Design the virtual topology for optimal performance
  10. Do not overload the Hyper-V host
  11. Do not run resource intensive jobs on the Hyper-V host and virtual machines at the same time

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