RESOURCES for Project Server 2010 UPGRADE and MIGRATION

Now when Project Server 2010 is available you might think about planning the migration/upgrade to 2010 or just want to explore Project 2010 with your data… We are summarizing the available resources around upgrading to Project Server 2010 so it’s easier to get started!


Getting started

·        Project 2010 Quick Start Training - (includes Upgrade and Migration module)

·        Project Server 2010 Upgrade and Migration Center -

·        Best Practices Migration to Project Server 2010 - (on-demand webcast by top EPM consultants)


Plan and Prepare

Even that the actual “data upgrade” step could be simple and done in few minutes we DO recommend to plan and prepare for this move very carefully as the Project Managers are usually very sensitive about their data J The duration of the physical upgrade is likely to take hours – depending on the complexity of your database and even that should be only a fraction of time devoted to studying the process and testing the upgrade scenarios.

·        Project Server 2010 upgrade overview

·        Review system requirements for upgrade

·        Create an upgrade communications plan


Upgrading from Project Server 2007

·        Database attach” upgrade – simply backup your 2007 databases and attach them to your newly installed Project Server 2010

o   Database attach core upgrade to Project Server 2010

·        in-place” upgrade – upgrade you existing Project Server 2007 on the same machine to 2010

Upgrading from Project Server 2003

·        Upgrade to Project Server 2010 from Project Server 2003

·        Best Practices for Migrating to Project Server 2007 (very popular whitepaper released last year by a Project Partner based on their learning with 2003 to 2007 migration)


·        This upgrade has to go via Project Server 2007 so you can either

§   Migrate your Project Server 2003 data using the Virtual Migration Environment (VME) – we highly encourage this option as it includes – best practices documentation and verification scripts

Please note we strongly encourage to follow all best practices outlined in the document enclosed in the download - run all scripts provided and follow all the best practices using both pre and post migration scripts. You can save lot of unnecessary troubleshooting and re-work.

o   Do it on your own by installing Project Server 2007 first (you can use the Evaluation version available here) and study the VME documents, best practices and use the VME scripts – part of the VME download mentioned above

Migration from Project Portfolio Server 2006/7

·        While there’s no “magic tool” that would seamlessly migrate processes and data – we have produced number of Solution Starters and Documented the approaches to make the transition easier – check the following resources for more information:

o   Upgrade models for Project Portfolio Server 2007

o   More details for Portfolio Server migration in July 2010 timeframe on Migration Center


Upgrading the SharePoint to 2010

·        SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration Center -



Q: After I upgraded to Projects Server 2010 the instance is in “Compatibility Mode” – what is that?

A: Detailed information could be found in this webcast TechNet Webcast: Project Server 2010 - Backwards Compatibility Mode (Level 300)


Q: While upgrading from Project Server 2003 does the Project Server 2007 need to be in production?

A: No. The Project Server 2007 is just pass-through environment so the databases could be immediately attached to Project Server 2010. To make this easier we are offering the “Virtual Migration Environment” – for details see above. 


Q: How could I migrate my customizations?

A: All custom code written against Project Server 2003 leveraging PDS has to be re-written to use the Project Server 2007/2010 PSI – more information in Project Server 2007 SDK here. Custom code against Project Server 2007 requires small changes and possibly accommodating new functionality and new user interface – more in the Project 2010 SDK.


Q: Any additional resources for Upgrade to 2010?

A: Yes – check the Project Aministration blog (yes - it's this one :)) or check for answers in the official Microsoft Project Server - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation forum.

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