useAppPoolCredentials = True with Kerberos Delegation on 2008

This has tripped me up a couple of times now when troubleshooting Kerberos delegation. It’s time I wrote a post to keep it in memory and for posterity. When configuring Kerberos delegation while the web server is on Windows Server 2008 or later, and I’m using domain credentials for the application pool service account, I…


Co-locating PAS and SSRS 2005 64-bit on Windows Server 2008

We are all very excited about ProClarity being supported on the 2008 server platform.  Server’08 and IIS7 have the unique ability to run both 32 and 64 bit web applications side-by-side. This will help a lot of companies to save costs.  For directions as well as some issue fixes we found when testing SSRS 2005 and PAS…


ProClarity Analytic Server cache warmer sample

The ProClarity Analytic Server features a cache for javascript files, queries, and images.  In some cases it may be beneficial to “warm” this cache by exercising the objects responsible for creating the cache entries prior to users hitting the system so that those users don’t have to wait for their requests to warm the cache….


Accessing ProClarity Analytics Server Usage Information

Depending on your ProClarity Analytics environment, you may have cause to know which users are accessing what content on PAS.  If you do have such a need, the ProClarity event log may provide you with the information you need. By default PAS only logs exceptions to the ProClarity event log on the web server where…


Load Balancing ProClarity Dashboard – Migration

Welcome to the inaugural post on the Microsoft ProClarity Team Blog.  I’m honored to begin what I hope is a great compliment to the TechNet ProClarity forum for sharing information and receiving feedback and tips from customers.   Why does the Dashboard need special consideration when used in an NLB configuration?   Dashboard 6.2 and earlier databases need special care when…