Increasing Professional Performance by Disabling Query Check

The ProClarity Professional clients have a query check feature which is enabled by default.  As long as this feature remains enabled, a query generated in the background is used to determine the size of the query result set before actually running the query for a user defined view.  Should the result set size be over a…


ProClarity Install Prerequisites – PTS for SQL Server 2005

With the release of Windows 7, and client workstations trending to a 64-bit operating system, inquiries about ProClarity installation prerequisites have steadily increased.  ProClarity Professional includes ‘SQLServer2005_ASOLEDB9.msi’ which is the 32-bit version of the Analysis Services 9.0 OLE DB Provider.  The installer attempts to install this as a prerequisite before installing ProClarity Professional, and on a 64-bit…


Value formatting based on client machine locale

In Analysis Services 2000 the vast majority of query and calculation work was done on the client machine via Pivot Table Services.  This included numeric value formatting, and so the client machine locale id was taken into account when the formatting was done.  This meant that a client machine with a US locale id and…


ProClarity 6.3 Desktop Professional Installer Loops on Windows Vista

This document addresses the situation where the 6.3 Desktop Professional install will loop on the Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 v2 and Microsoft XML 6.0, which are prerequisites for the install, when attempting to install on Windows Vista. NOTE:  Click on the title of this post to view the link and download this document. ProPrereqLoopBlog.docx