Accessing ProClarity Analytics Server Usage Information

Depending on your ProClarity Analytics environment, you may have cause to know which users are accessing what content on PAS.  If you do have such a need, the ProClarity event log may provide you with the information you need. By default PAS only logs exceptions to the ProClarity event log on the web server where…


ProClarity Web Standard Behavior: My Views Don’t Show Up After Being Saved

  Issues resolved by increasing IIS 6 Metabase Property “AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed” The behavior that takes place due to the value for this IIS metabase property being too low are varied and do not point to IIS as being the culprit.  If you have seen any of these issues, even intermittently, you may want to test your…


Installing ProClarity Analytics Server on 64-bit Windows Server 2003

There are some considerations that need to be taken into account when installing ProClarity Analytics Server on 64-bit Windows Server 2003.  The most important factor to consider in your deployment is that PAS is a 32-bit web application.  In order to run PAS on 64-bit Windows, it will be necessary to run IIS in 32-bit…


ProClarity 6.3 Desktop Professional Installer Loops on Windows Vista

This document addresses the situation where the 6.3 Desktop Professional install will loop on the Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 v2 and Microsoft XML 6.0, which are prerequisites for the install, when attempting to install on Windows Vista. NOTE:  Click on the title of this post to view the link and download this document. ProPrereqLoopBlog.docx


ProClarity Web Standard Client Export to Excel "404 Page cannot be found".

This document addresses the situation when you are: Trying to export to Excel from the ProClarity Analytics Server Trying to download and install the Web Professional client Trying to download and install the KPI Designer, Selector, or other component Upload or download files that have been published to the ProClarity Analytics Server. You subseqently receive “The…


The selected page could not be opened because the query results exceeded allowable limits. Please choose a different page.

Changing ProClarity Analytics Server Query Result Size   “The selected page could not be opened because the query results exceeded allowable limits. Please choose a different page.” is the message that appears when a query resulting in more than 50,000 cells (rows x columns) is returned to the ProClarity Analytics Server Web Standard (thin) client….


The selected page could not be opened because the cube could not be found.

Here’s a slightly dated but still fantastic document from Dawn Fink regarding cube could not be found errors.  Check out the link near the bottom for a whitepaper on Kerberos Delegation and PAS. -Joey  SYMPTOMS: Opening a book with the Standard Web Client displays a warning message. The message states, “The cube used by this page could not…


Unsupported Alternate Security Samples

Some of you may want to integrate ProClarity Analytics Server with your custom alternate security model.  Analytics Server no longer supports configurations based on the Alternate Security model distributed in earlier versions of the ProClarity Software Development Kit (SDK).  However, Analytics Server does allow custom authentication implementations that impersonate Windows credentials.  Here is the Alt…


Load Balancing ProClarity Dashboard – Migration

Welcome to the inaugural post on the Microsoft ProClarity Team Blog.  I’m honored to begin what I hope is a great compliment to the TechNet ProClarity forum for sharing information and receiving feedback and tips from customers.   Why does the Dashboard need special consideration when used in an NLB configuration?   Dashboard 6.2 and earlier databases need special care when…