Cannot Expand the Setup Panel

We have seen rare cases where the ProClarity Professional Setup Panel cannot be adjusted or expanded. Instead, the area for the hierarchies is small and a large portion is taken up by blank, grey space. The cause is unknown. However, it may be caused by certain combinations of hardware and non-Aero visual display themes in Windows Vista and 7. The Windows Basic themes may be used on certain hardware or invoked during online meeting sessions such as Live Meeting, Easy Assist, Lync, and others. Workarounds may include switching back to an Aero theme, changing hardware, updating video drivers, or not using online meeting sessions.  Another workaround that may help - if you are using Desktop Professional, (not Web Professional) - is the following. 

  1. Maximize ProClarity Professional
  2. Hide the setup panel (click View > Setup Panel)
  3. Close, then re-open
  4. ProClarity Professional (should be maximized)
  5. Open the setup panel (click View > Setup Panel)

Another thing that can lead to this issue occuring is using one of the Basic Windows 7 themes. If the setup panel isn't rendering correcly try using one of the Windows Aero themes.

Comments (2)

  1. Mark Dubay says:

    Hello, this solution worked for my user one time. However, the user close the program and relaunched the client and the issue remained.

    Is there a permenant solution for this situation?


    ProClarity: 6.32227.119

    Thank you,


  2. Sean Flanagan says:

    Hi Mark. We've tracked this issue down to only appearing when a workstation is set to use one of the Basic Windows themes. Is it possible for your user to try one of the Aero themes and see if the problem clears up?

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