Cannot Expand the Setup Panel

We have seen rare cases where the ProClarity Professional Setup Panel cannot be adjusted or expanded. Instead, the area for the hierarchies is small and a large portion is taken up by blank, grey space. The cause is unknown. However, it may be caused by certain combinations of hardware and non-Aero visual display themes in…


Query Failed!

There are many reasons you could receive a query failed message in ProClarity Professional. One recent customer found that when he combined members of a dimension in the background axis, he received, “Query failed:  The current query is not valid and cannot be displayed.  Create a new query by making different selections on the Setup Panel…

ProClarity and Kerberos Delegation

Here’s another small update to the ProClarity and Kerberos Delegation document. Kerberos delegation will work with a disjointed domain namespace where the NETBIOS short name does not match the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). For example, if your FQDN is and your NETBIOS name is NA. When using a service account for the application…


Unable to run ProClarity Professional and Cube Could Not Be Found

You may see the error, “The selected page could not be opened because the cube could not be found,” in ProClarity Web Standard if you have not used the 9.0 OLEDB for OLAP provider when creating the views in Professional.  Recreate the views in Professional using the 9.0 provider and republish them to PAS.  Also,…

ProClarity Web Professional on 64-bit Internet Explorer

Recently there has been some confusion regarding ProClarity Web Professional and 64-bit Internet Explorer. ProClarity Web Professional and the prerequisite Download Manager are both 32-bit ActiveX controls which will never run in 64-bit IE. More information here, and here. The workaround is to use the 32-bit version of IE which is included with 64-bit Windows….

Common ProClarity Questions

I pulled together some resources to answer some common ProClarity questions.  ProClarity 6.3 is compatible and supported on Windows 7 x86 and x64 with updates.  The compatibility web site will be updated soon to show x64 compatibility.      Resources:   Official Microsoft ProClarity support policy.   ProClarity 6.3.2217 (SP2) is the oldest supported version but…


The Download Manager could not be installed on this computer

When attempting to download ProClarity Web Professional, you must first download an .exe file which installs a single .dll file.  This .dll file, the download manager, helps determine which ProClarity products are installed on your client vs. which are available on the server.  If you try to go through this process using the 64-bit version…

useAppPoolCredentials = True with Kerberos Delegation on 2008

This has tripped me up a couple of times now when troubleshooting Kerberos delegation. It’s time I wrote a post to keep it in memory and for posterity. When configuring Kerberos delegation while the web server is on Windows Server 2008 or later, and I’m using domain credentials for the application pool service account, I…


Latest ProClarity Requirements – Hotfix 6.3.2227

Please see the attatched document for requirements for the latest ProClarity hotfix package.  Thank You, -Joey ProClarityRequirements_6.3.2227.119.pdf

Latest ProClarity Hotfix Package – 6.3.2229

A hotfix package (build 6.3.2229) is available for ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 and for ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3.  This is a cumulative package that contains all fixes since 6.3 RTM.  -Joey