ProClarity Language Packs

Customers often want to display ProClarity Analytics Server Web Standard (PAS) in a localized (translated) language.  End users can then select the language with which they want to view the Web Standard.  In order to do this, you must install the appropriate language pack. 

 First, you must install English version of PAS.  Next, you must install the language-specific pack for your desired display language.  This is an install option on the splash screen when you run setup for a fully language-localized PAS version.  For example, you would download the full, localized French PAS bits from MSDN and run setup - then choose the language pack install option.  After installing one or more language packs you would then install the latest service pack for PAS for each of the languages you have added.  Get out there and Bing "ProClarity Service Pack," and you'll find the PAS SP3 or later page.  On the page is a Change language: option that allows you to select the language(s) that match your packs and download and install them.  The localized language packs always know that the English OS is required and already installed.  So, the packs have the code to update the English PAS bits as well as their language-specific bits. 

You can also set the default language for users in the PAS Admin Tool.   




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  1. Joey says:

    I just noticed that when installing the French SP2, it is version 2219, not 2217.  This is due to the fact that the localized builds of the SPs are built after the English 2217 build.    

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