Increasing Professional Performance by Disabling Query Check

The ProClarity Professional clients have a query check feature which is enabled by default.  As long as this feature remains enabled, a query generated in the background is used to determine the size of the query result set before actually running the query for a user defined view.  Should the result set size be over a set threshold (1000 cells by default), the user will be warned about the size of the query, and given the option of cancelling the query before it's sent, or confirming that they do in fact want the query run.

The queries generated by this feature can impact the performance of the client and in some cases the feature can more than double the amount of time it takes the client to render a view.  If a user is experiencing slow query times in ProClarity Professional, it may be due to the query size check.  The check can be disabled by going to File|Options, choosing the "Browsing Experience" tab, and unchecking the "Check query result size before executing" option.

To automate the disabling of the query check you can add a logon script to group policy.  Attached is a sample Visual Basic script that has been tested against Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, and 7.  You'll need to rename the attachment from .txt to .vbs.  Kudos to Benjamin Wright-Jones(MCS) who authored the script.


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