Updated – Aggregation in ProClarity 6.3 with SSAS 2005 SP2

I've changed my totaling whitepaper to include a non-totaling, aggregation-only scenario as well.  Please download the new edition and enjoy!



Aggregation in ProClarity 6.3 with SSAS 2005 SP2.docx

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope this link will help.


    If you have further questions, you may always post them to the ProClarity TechNet forum.


    You may also contact a Microsoft representative or find a local Microsoft local office using the information from the PerformancePoint site.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I work with a midsize software company and am in the early phases of an OLAP reporting project.  We have had a consultant recommend ProClarity and I have to say, a simple search through a major search engine on what your product IS and what it DOES, how it WORKS, how it’s version features COMPARE yields nothing.  No website other than a MS download site, a few links to information on MS perf. point svr., etc – NOTHING that a typical potential customer would want/need to even begin to make an educated assessment of your product.  You can’t not be aware of this.  

    How does someone learn about ProClarity’s capabilities?  It is by the way, crazy, that I have to ask this question on a blog.  Man folks, where does a potential customer start?  

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