Automating VM Migration – VMM and V2V (Part 2)

Last time we went through the basic mechanics of V2V. In this post we will roll up our virtual sleeves (lest we get ketchup on them… again) and start digging into what needs to happen to get this thing automated. NOTE: You really want to back up your VM somehow before you start any conversion…. Read more

Automating VM Migration – VMM and V2V (Part 1)

I’ve mentioned Microsoft’s two VM conversion tools before but I wanted to spend some time digging a little deeper into both. I’m starting with VMM’s V2V which has been in market (in one version or another) for a few years now. What is V2V? V2V is shorthand for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1’s… Read more

Automation–Exploring the PowerShell behind the Surface Pro Hijinks

Hello Readers/Viewers! So, by now you have seen this post and related video…You may have wondered, “Is this real life?” Or, “What did it take to do that?” Well, this post is all about my part in the “hijinks”: Automating the Surface Pro Hosted VM Live Migration (both shared-nothing and shared storage) Automation Specs Windows… Read more

Automation–Orchestrating Windows Azure–Solving the Public Cloud Puzzle with System Center 2012 SP1

Hello Readers/Viewers! Once again, I am excited to announce the release of even more Example Runbooks – This time for…Windows Azure! Now… Let’s be clear, there is no way I can compete with this AWESOME post – that basically went viral yesterday – but, I will try to provide something that is at least 3… Read more

Types of VM Conversions (or how to swap engines in a moving car)

I was hoping to get this post out sooner but I’ve been busy this week taking a perfectly good Surface Pro and turning it into a tablet running Windows Server 2012. Fun stuff! Not only did we install Server 2012 on a Surface Pro we decided to create a cluster of Pros and actually carry… Read more

VM Conversion or VM Migration?

When I speak to people about moving VMs over to Hyper-V I generally use the term migrate. I actually differentiate the terms “migration” and “conversion”, at least in the context of VMs (Maybe just because I’m a former English major). Alright, so this certainly isn’t any sort of standard or official convention but I find… Read more

Welcome to VM Migration

Here at Building Clouds we are all about Windows Server & System Center (WSSC). A lot of the content on this blog will concentrate on infrastructure and management, especially with respect to System Center 2012 SP1. Not my content though, not uh, no sir. Instead, I’ll be concerned with helping you take your existing virtual… Read more