ARM concepts in Azure Stack for the WAP Administrator – Troubleshooting IaaS in Azure Stack

Hello Readers! This blog is part 8 (and the last) of the series “ARM concepts in Azure Stack for the WAP Administrator.” In this post we’ll discuss and share troubleshooting techniques and resources that we have learned when working with customers and partners that are actively validating Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 1. Note Some information relates to… Read more

Automation–System Center Orchestrator Service Configuration Dependencies for SQL and the Runbook Server Service

Hey Readers!  I have somewhat of an academic post for you all today to help document a topic that has come up from time to time around System Center 2012 Orchestrator and service dependencies.  Explained in detail below but the gist to this scenario is basically that servers are rebooting faster due to improvements in… Read more

Windows Azure Pack Blog Post Overview on Building Clouds & TechNet

Windows Azure Pack blog posts on Building Clouds & TechNet You might be thinking, that was a lot of Windows Azure Packs blog posts going out on Building Clouds over the past two months, what’s going on? You are right, there has been a lot of blog posts about WAP or its related components. In… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack – Plans and Subscriptions

Hello Readers Next topic on our Windows Azure Pack (WAP) Troubleshooting tour is "Plans and Subscriptions". Briefly Plan, Subscriptions and Resource Providers can be described in the following way: Tenant: One or more individuals consuming services from the Windows Azure Pack via a subscription. Plan: Contains one or more services (Resource Providers: VM, DB, Web,… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack and Gallery Items (Part 2)

Hello Readers   Following up from the previous blog post (Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack and Gallery Items (Part 1)) it’s now time to talk about potential challenges you might run into when configuring and deploying Gallery Items (VM Roles) using Windows Azure Pack (WAP) and Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). After I have installed the Windows… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & Gallery Items (VM Roles) (Part 1)

Hello readers Today we are going to look at another new area which came to market with Windows Azure Pack (WAP) and System Center 2012 R2. The new concept is called Gallery Items and is a new way to distribute applications and workloads (e.g PaaS apps, VM Templates) using Windows Azure Pack and Virtual Machine… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & Usage (Part 2)

In the previous post we talked about how you can verify if Usage and Metring is working In this blog post it’s time to see what could go wrong during installation / configuration of Usage & Metering The following are potential issues you might run into: SPF cannot connect to OM DW. WAP Usage is… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & Usage (Part 1)

Hello Readers. My original plan was to release the troubleshooting blog posts in listed order, but as there have been a few questions around Usage, I have decided to move this topic up the list and share some common challenges installing and configuring Usage for IaaS. As mentioned in a previous blog post (Installing &… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack, SPF & VMM

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack, SPF & VMM As a follow-up from the troubleshooting Installation of Windows Azure Pack it’s time to look at the next item on our list being troubleshooting Service Provider Foundation (SPF) & Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). In this blog post I will describe how you can: Verify integration between WAP, SPF… Read more

Troubleshooting Installation of Windows Azure Pack

The first blog post for troubleshooting WAP will logically be on installation challenges. Some of my issues were due to security others were caused by not reading the manual. It’s my understanding that many IT Pros goes to the web when searching for help, so hopefully this can point you in the right direction. Below… Read more