Enabling web applications synthetic transactions as a service

As you may know, there are different ways to give visibility into “client side” monitoring of web apps  within Operations Manager : on-premise synthetic transactions, cloud-based synthetic transactions through Global Service Monitoring, Application Performance Management (APM) feature. These features provide great insight on the web application performance from an end user perspective, but require delegated… Read more

Linux operating system deployment and customization with System Center in a VMware environment

If you ever doubted how much heterogeneity you can manage using System Center, this post should help change your mind! I’m Bruno Saille, Program Manager within the Customer Architecture & Technologies (CAT) team here at Microsoft and this is my first post in the Building Clouds team blog. This blog post will cover a specific… Read more

MAT (powered by Project Shift)

Can’t we convert faster? The most common complaint I hear when working with customers who are converting VMs from a VMware platform is that it’s slow. Now for many customers technologies like MVMC or SCV2V are great. They are easy to use and provide relatively quick results. These customers have some flexibility in their migration… Read more

Automation–Orchestrator Runbook Spotlight–Virtual Machine Startup by Priority

Hello Readers/Viewers! Today we are going to take an in depth look at a specific example Runbook – Virtual Machine Startup by Priority Use Case: Ability to query Virtual Machine Manager for Virtual Machines (for more than 1 Virtual Machine) within a Cloud, then start up those Virtual Machines in a specified order (often used… Read more

MAT 1.3.1 Update

  Just a quick post to let everyone know that MAT 1.3.1 has been posted. Every now and then we need to bring the train back into the station and grease up those axles. This version has a few minor changes but is mostly about getting the MAT 1.3 Installation and Usage Guide out there…. Read more

Automation–Orchestrator Architecture and Runbook Deployment Process

Hello Readers and Viewers! Today’s post will not have a video, but it will have some very popular and hopefully informative information about some “Best Practices” around Orchestrator Architecture and Runbook Deployment. For those of you that have been following me for the past three or so years, this information may look very familiar. Well,… Read more

Automation-Executing a PowerShell v3 (Parallel Execution) Script in System Center Orchestrator 2012

Hello readers!  I have a post that I think will be very interesting to those of you who have wanted to execute PowerShell v3 through Orchestrator and have had issues.  The core of Orchestrator (if you didn’t already know) was built around an x86 PowerShell base for execution of PowerShell.  Meaning, by default if you… Read more

Application Management-Example-Deploying a Service to Your Private Cloud (Part 4)

Hello Readers, welcome to the 4th and final post in this series on deploying the example VMM Service Template for SharePoint 2013 to your Microsoft private cloud.  To recap where we’ve been: Application Management-Example-Deploying a Service to Your Private Cloud (Part 1) Introduction material on what we’ll be covering in this series at a high… Read more

Application Management-Example-Deploying a Service to Your Private Cloud (Part 3)

Hey readers, I hope you had a great time at MMS 2013 (if you were able to make it!).  If you did make it, you may have seen this service template featured on the big stage during Brad Anderson’s keynote.  Pretty cool!  Before we continue on to Part 3, review Parts 1 and 2 for… Read more

Application Management – Service Templates, real reusable examples

Service Template Example Kit – General Web Lab Download the STEK here. In this blog post of this ongoing series we will look at some real world examples of service templates and how to start using them. One of the more challenging aspects of application management can be rapid lab deployments in a repeatable and… Read more