Whitepaper – Designing Your Network Infrastructure For Disaster Recovery

In the current cycle of customer validation during the last 12 months, we have been working with many enterprise organizations and service providers in order to deliver successful Azure Site Recovery (ASR) deployments. The journey has been great and interesting. In a world where everyone expects 24/7 connectivity, it is more important than ever to… Read more

Extending Windows Azure Pack Using Service Management API

In the past 12 or more months I’ve worked quite a bit with Windows Azure Packs API layer, the Service Management API’s. Most of this was working with users who are not always C# or PowerShell users and they wanted to understand how to interact with the API’s. They wanted somewhat of a quick start… Read more

Updated White Paper – Enabling Database as a Service Enabling Database as a Service with the Microsoft Private Cloud Stack

Hello Readers, Just a quick note to let you know that the document from this blog post has just been updated. It now includes updates related to the latest changes and enhancements in Update Rollups (UR) 3, 5 and 6 for Windows Azure Pack. There are also a few additional FAQ entries in the second… Read more

White paper: Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds

  Hello readers! This blog post introduces the “Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds” white paper from the Enterprise Cloud Group (ECG) CAT team, that you can download at the link below. We hope you will find this resource useful! Audience This document is for IT professionals or application owners interested in understanding… Read more

Introducing the JEA Toolkit Helper

Note: This tool has been replaced by the "JEA Helper Tool 2.0", which has been designed to work with the latest version of JEA as part of Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0 and Window Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 (TP4) Please refer to the following link, for more information about this updated version: http://blogs.technet.com/b/privatecloud/archive/2015/12/20/introducing-the-updated-jea-helper-tool.aspx Just Enough… Read more

Desired State Configuration (DSC) Nodes Deployment and Conformance Reporting Series (Part 4): Using Operations Manager to check for configuration enforcement

In the previous post for this series, we discussed how the conformance server reports on the health of configuration download/application on the nodes. Here, we will look at how you can report if nodes are actually enforcing their expected configuration. For example, let’s say you wanted a specific file to be present on a node…. Read more

Updated SMA Runbook Toolkit (SMART) download, with new Visualization and Dependency Mapping Tool

The SMA Runbook Toolkit (SMART) has seen multiple component releases so far, and this time we are all bringing them together in a single download package! This short blog post summarizes the tools included in the package, what has changed since the last update, and links to other blog posts for more information on features… Read more

New SMART tool : Visualization and Dependency Mapping Tool

There is a new kid on the “SMA Runbook Toolkit” block! The Visualization and Dependency Mapping Tool creates a visual representation of the dependencies of a group of SMA Runbooks : child Runbooks, assets like variables, credentials, certificates and connections. Visualization can happen in the following formats: Text output (in the PowerShell console) Visio output… Read more

GRIT 1.2 – Updated Tool to Import and Configure VM Role Gallery Items in WAP

Hello Readers! Today I am happy to publish an updated version of the Gallery Resource Import Tool (GRIT). This post summarizes the new features/enhancements in this version 1.2 and, of course, where to get it. What is GRIT? Let’s start with a short overview of the tool, understanding that full details and “how to use”… Read more

Updated tool : SMART Documentation and Conversion Helper for your Orchestrator Runbooks

Note: This tool is now included in a single package including all SMA Runbook Toolkit (SMART) tools. The download link has been updated below. Hello Readers, Some of you may be using the Orchestrator Visio and Word Generator today, to document your Orchestrator Runbooks. Some of you may also be using the SMART Runbook Conversion… Read more