Service Manager 2012 and Service Level Management – Part 1

One of the new features in Service Manager 2012 is Service Level Management. In this series of posts, I want to explain the logic behind Service Level Management and walk through how it can be configured in Service Manager 2012. As with previous blog posts, I will start with explaining the concepts in the first… Read more

Automation–Orchestrating Service Manager Orchestrating Orchestrator

Hello Readers/Viewers! Today I have a special treat for you…well some of you, specifically the folks that are starting to dig deeper into the integration between Service Manager and Orchestrator. Background Many of you know this integration is not just a one-way street. It is completely bi-directional. Service Manager can invoke Orchestrator Runbooks and Orchestrator… Read more

Automation–Orchestrating Service Manager–User Inputs

Hello Readers/Viewers! Just a quick “tip/trick” post today… and one that you may not know about, but will definitely need to have in your toolbox if the need ever arrives. Use Case Update or Create User Input data for a Service Request from Orchestrator. Why? Appending to User Input may be required as part of… Read more

Application Management through Monitoring – Part 2 of 3 – Synthetic Monitoring

In part 1 of this 3 part series we discussed the reasons why we monitor and we talked about the different types of monitoring we can use. In this blog post we’ll dig deeper into the Synthetic monitoring styles and more importantly when and where to use them. The purpose of this series and especially… Read more

Automation-System Center 2012 SP1 – Orchestrator–Fun with Email and Images

So, you want to send email leveraging Orchestrator activities to jazz up some of your automation?  This blog post will focus on a couple of ways to accomplish this.  In fact, this is a nice way to add some finishing touches on any user facing communication that may be executed within your IT process automation. … Read more

Automation–Orchestrating Service Manager–Action Log

Hello Readers/Viewers! In this post, I am presenting you with a simple “tip/trick” for Orchestrating Service Manager – More specifically, Action Log entries. Let’s get to it!   What is the use case? Create new Action Log entries for Service Manger Work Items from Orchestrator.   Why? Well, once these actions are in Orchestrator, they… Read more

Automation–Orchestrator Integration Toolkit–Cascading Dependencies Quick Feature Overview

Two posts, back to back? Yes-sir-(or madam)-ee! I couldn’t help myself – I just needed to get a bit more information out about the Windows Azure Integration Pack… and, well, how it is unlike any other Integration Pack to date. Why is it different? Well, it was the first Integration Pack to take advantage of… Read more

Automation–Orchestrating Windows Azure–Solving the Public Cloud Puzzle with System Center 2012 SP1

Hello Readers/Viewers! Once again, I am excited to announce the release of even more Example Runbooks – This time for…Windows Azure! Now… Let’s be clear, there is no way I can compete with this AWESOME post – that basically went viral yesterday – but, I will try to provide something that is at least 3… Read more

Microsoft Private Cloud Summit – seats still available

Join us at the Microsoft Private Cloud Summit with the “Best of Microsoft Management Summit”! Learn about how the new System Center 2012 can help you manage nearly everything in your infrastructure – from the desktop, to devices, to datacenter and the cloud. At this one-day event, you will hear directly from our Redmond-based product… Read more

Skill Up With Microsoft’s Private Cloud

You’ve already put time and effort into your career as an IT Professional. Now it’s time to become a skilled cloud professional. Develop your expertise in one of these new job roles, with training and certification direct from the source. Get started by downloading Microsoft’s Private Cloud software below, learn more about the power of… Read more