Building a better mouse-trap (or a stylus-trap)

A few weeks ago I got a Surface Pro along with some of the folks here at Building Clouds. The first thing we did was to install Server 2012 on them and run some Shared-Nothing Live Migrations. You can read about that here. But what I found after using the Surface Pro pretty regularly was… Read more

Surface Pro Hijinks: The Video

 Or: How we spent $4,000 and all we got was a tabletop datacenter Remember last week when I told you about our little geek experiment with our brand new Surface Pro devices?  I promised a video, and we are not the type to disappoint our readers.  We wandered off to a quiet corner of our building,… Read more

4 Surface Pros + Hyper-V + WiFi Hotspot = Fun For Nerds

Question: What ridiculous things can 4 server geeks do with a sub-2lb tablet that has a Core i5 processor and a couple of free hours? Answer: Install Server 2012, enable Hyper-V, create some VMs, and then use Shared-Nothing Live Migration to move them around over a WiFi Hotspot Details: Yes, we actually did this.  In… Read more