Microsoft Infrastructure as a Service Storage Foundations

This document discusses the storage infrastructure components that are relevant for a Microsoft IaaS infrastructure and provides guidelines and requirements for building an IaaS storage infrastructure using Microsoft products and technologies. Table of Contents (for this article) 1.0  Introduction 2.0  On-Premises        2.1 Drive Architectures        2.2 Storage Controller Architectures        2.3 Storage Networking       … Read more

Contoso Labs-Storage Purchasing (SAS config)

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents Now that we’ve got our JBODs and our file servers, we need to tackle an underappreciated aspect of this solution: The SAS connectivity itself. How Many? After discussing our configuration and layout with folks inside of Microsoft with serious experience in Storage Spaces, we learned that having as… Read more

Contoso Labs-Storage Purchasing (File Servers)

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents Now that we have our JBOD’s identified, we needed to decide what we were connecting them to. We seriously considered using some of our compute nodes as file server heads, but quickly ran into insurmountable problems. Precious I/O We designed our Scale-Out File Server clusters to serve 72… Read more

Contoso Labs-Storage Purchasing (JBODs)

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents Today we’re looping back to our first decision point: Storage. We already made our commitment to Storage Spaces on JBODs, now we had to find the right parts and vendors to fit our needs and build a good solution. JBODs Our search had to start with the JBODs… Read more

Contoso Labs-Fabric Choices (Storage)

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents The first step on the way to defining our architecture is designing our fabric. That involves taking the goals, users, services, and resources we talked about in previously, and then figuring out the optimal deployment configuration. Storage Choices Came First It quickly became apparent in our discussions that… Read more

Optimizing Windows Server 2012 storage management via PowerShell for both performance and resiliency

Although the new Server Manager UI in Windows Server 2012 provides a very convenient and intuitive workflow to provision and manage Storage, interaction with PowerShell is required to access many of the advanced features afforded by the new Storage Management API.      For example, you can easily create a Virtual Disk in the UI;… Read more