The Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend our Sessions at MMS 2013!

Trying to decide which sessions to attend at the 2013 Microsoft Management Summit?  There are a lot of great options this year, and here are ten reasons we think you should check out the sessions hosted by the authors of the Building Clouds blog… You’ll get to learn all about the Fundamentals of Building Clouds… Read more

Optimizing Windows Server 2012 storage management via PowerShell for both performance and resiliency

Although the new Server Manager UI in Windows Server 2012 provides a very convenient and intuitive workflow to provision and manage Storage, interaction with PowerShell is required to access many of the advanced features afforded by the new Storage Management API.      For example, you can easily create a Virtual Disk in the UI;… Read more

Windows Server 2012 – About Clustered Storage Spaces Issue

In this post I’ll examine a specific issue in Storage Spaces while using with Enclosure awareness. Storage Space Setup with Enclosure awareness: Note: There are only 2 enclosures for the disks. The Scenario for the Issue: 1. Create Storage Pool in a cluster. 2. Use IsEnclosureAware flag to enable the Storage Space enclosure to be… Read more

Building a Windows Server 2012 Cloud Infrastructure with PowerShell by Josh Adams

Today we have a real treat for you! In this blog post, Joshua Adams, who is a PM in the Microsoft EEC, shows you how to create a Windows Server 2012 based private cloud infrastructure using PowerShell scripts. We had the singular opportunity to work with Josh when we put together the collection of cloud… Read more