Automate and Manage Windows Operating System Deployments Now Online

Hey folks! Jeff Gilbert here. It’s no secret that enterprise Windows operating system deployments can be complicated and costly. It can also be very difficult to ensure consistent results with so many different methods and tools available to enterprise desktop administrators these days. Finally, adding to the complexity of operating system deployment is the overabundance… Read more

Introducing the Cloud and Datacenter Solutions Hub

It’s been months in the making and we’ve been waiting for it with great anticipation. Now it’s here! That’s right – the Private Cloud Solutions Hub has been reborn as the new and improved and extremely useful Cloud and Datacenter Solutions Hub. The Cloud and Datacenter Solutions hub aims to help you get started with… Read more

Building a Windows Server 2012 Cloud Infrastructure with PowerShell by Josh Adams

Today we have a real treat for you! In this blog post, Joshua Adams, who is a PM in the Microsoft EEC, shows you how to create a Windows Server 2012 based private cloud infrastructure using PowerShell scripts. We had the singular opportunity to work with Josh when we put together the collection of cloud… Read more

Deploying complex solutions into virtualized environments – or "To virtualize or not to virtualize"

A very active topic in the world  of private cloud regards which applications should be virtualized and which applications need to run in a traditional, siloed datacenter environment. At this time it’s hard to come up with a definite “right answer” on either side of the debate. However, it’s something that you will definitely need… Read more