Azure Stack API’s – Working directly with the Resource Manager API Layer (Technical Preview 1)

Introduction To work with the Azure’s Resource Manager, you have a number of options. For example, you have these SDK’s to simplify development: Azure .NET SDK’s Azure Resource Manager SDK’s – JAVA, Python, and Ruby Azure Resource Manager PowerShell Cmdlets Note: I can’t stress enough that this is simply a model I… Read more

Windows Server Containers, what are they and where do they fit?

There are a lot of questions to be answered around Windows Server Containers. Two top questions are “what are they” and “where do they fit”. To answer these questions fully would require too much time and too much soapboxing for me to put in this blog post.  I’ll do that in a later post, but… Read more

Extending Windows Azure Pack Using Service Management API

In the past 12 or more months I’ve worked quite a bit with Windows Azure Packs API layer, the Service Management API’s. Most of this was working with users who are not always C# or PowerShell users and they wanted to understand how to interact with the API’s. They wanted somewhat of a quick start… Read more

Application Management – Service Template – Active Directory (STAD)

For those of you using some of the Application Management Track Service Templates in our blogs likeJim Britt’s awesome SharePoint Service Template or my own Service Template Example Kit (STEK), you might have noticed an underlying theme. The theme is rapid deployment of manageable, repeatable and consistent environments, which in my opinion play very nicely… Read more

Application Management – System Center and the Web Platform Installer (WebPI)

In this post I’ll try to introduce you to a technology that has been around Microsoft for a while but is now helping users gain access to new System Center and Windows Server components like Windows Azure Pack (WAP) and Windows Service Bus. For more details on WAP please click here. This is also your… Read more

Application Management – SQL Server using STEK

I constantly hear around the water cooler and in different places, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have a SQL server service as a VMM service template?’ and my reply is almost always the same thing every time, ‘we do.’ A few months back I created a series of Service Template Examples I nicknamed STEK ‘Service… Read more

Application Management – System Center Operations Manager Application Performance Management (APM) .NET Events – What do they mean?

Over the years I have used APM methodologies to track down problems and to assist in building better applications no matter the development processes used. One of the more important aspects of APM is to understand the details of the data that is collected. If you don’t use the data don’t collect it. Today I… Read more

Application Management – Challenges in Service Templates, Dynamic Connection String and NLB DNS entry

This blog is actually derived from my earlier post about creating a Service Template for DotNetNuke, read about it here. I decided to separate this content from that post for 2 reasons, first is that it would have been too long, next is that this information can simply help any service templates using NLB and… Read more

Application Management – Creating the DotNetNuke® Community version Service Template

Today I’ll go through the process I used to create a new service template example for the content management software known as DotNetNuke®. I will show the steps required to create a Service Template using the STEK examples and I will discuss some interesting out of band challenges with some alternatives to work around. To… Read more

Application Management – Service Templates, real reusable examples

Service Template Example Kit – General Web Lab Download the STEK here. In this blog post of this ongoing series we will look at some real world examples of service templates and how to start using them. One of the more challenging aspects of application management can be rapid lab deployments in a repeatable and… Read more