Automation–Orchestrating Service Manager–User Inputs

Hello Readers/Viewers! Just a quick “tip/trick” post today… and one that you may not know about, but will definitely need to have in your toolbox if the need ever arrives. Use Case Update or Create User Input data for a Service Request from Orchestrator. Why? Appending to User Input may be required as part of… Read more

Chargeback with System Center 2012 SP1 Tutorial Part 3 of 3

In the two previous blog posts (here and here), I discussed how Chargeback works, and how to correctly configure the components around Service Manager. In this post, I will focus on service manager and take a deeper look at what needs to be configured to make chargeback work. As noted in the previous posts, there… Read more

Automation–Orchestrating Service Manager–Action Log

Hello Readers/Viewers! In this post, I am presenting you with a simple “tip/trick” for Orchestrating Service Manager – More specifically, Action Log entries. Let’s get to it!   What is the use case? Create new Action Log entries for Service Manger Work Items from Orchestrator.   Why? Well, once these actions are in Orchestrator, they… Read more

Chargeback with System Center 2012 SP1 Tutorial Part 2 of 3

In the previous blog post we talked about how Chargeback is working overall and some of the areas to consider when implementing Chargeback.   In this blog post we will walk through the configuration that needs to be done in Virtual Machine Manager and in Operations Manager and how you can verify that these are… Read more

Chargeback with System Center 2012 SP1 tutorial

In System Center 2012 SP1 a new feature is introduced called Chargeback. In a series of blog posts we will explain how this can be implemented in the Datacenter using System Center 2012 SP1 Blog Post 1: Discuss the background behind Chargeback and how System Center makes use of this. (This Blog post) Why chargeback… Read more