Windows Azure Pack – Using the new AD Security Groups based Plan filtering feature in UR7

With the new Update Rollup 7 of Windows Azure Pack, we have a new feature that has been one of the top asks for the core services in our User Voice page. This feature is best described as  “Plan filtering based on AD Security Groups”. Before UR7, a Plan can have 2 visibility states: Public… Read more

Self-service deployment of Microsoft workloads on Cloud Platform System (and other systems with Windows Azure Pack) – Part 4

For this post, we are glad to host Thomas Roettinger, Program Manager in Microsoft’s ECG CAT Team focusing on Cloud Solutions. Thomas announces the availability of another workload self-service deployment sample: remote desktop session hosting. In this post, I am glad to announce the availability of the Remote Desktop Session Hosting(RDSH) as an addition to… Read more

Updated White Paper – Enabling Database as a Service Enabling Database as a Service with the Microsoft Private Cloud Stack

Hello Readers, Just a quick note to let you know that the document from this blog post has just been updated. It now includes updates related to the latest changes and enhancements in Update Rollups (UR) 3, 5 and 6 for Windows Azure Pack. There are also a few additional FAQ entries in the second… Read more

Manage Tenant Database Workloads with Resource Governor in Azure Pack

As of the Azure Pack Update Rollup 5 release, WAP administrators can now use the functionality of SQL Server 2014 Resource Governor in WAP to manage tenant workloads on the same SQL Server. You can read more about UR5 and how to download it here. What is Resource Governor? Resource Governor is a feature that… Read more

Azure Pack Tenant portal extensibilities – Part 2

Multiple domain names and themes on a single Tenant portal On to the First extensibility then! Before I go on further to explain how this is done, let’s re-iterate on the scenario we’re trying to tackle here. Problem Statement Contoso Hosting is a hosting company that has stood up a private cloud stack with Azure… Read more

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) with Azure Pack Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

We have been getting a lot of interesting questions from customers and partners who have implemented AD FS as an identity system for Azure Pack and bringing us some very interesting scenarios. This blog post is an outcome of our engagement with those folks. I will be discussing a few of the lesser-known features/ tips… Read more

Azure Pack Tenant portal extensibilities – Part 1

Hello folks! Hope everyone had a great holiday! Its been a while since I last blogged and so I thought I’d kick start the good habit again in the new year with an interesting blog series. In this series, I am going to talk about a certain set of extensibilities we enabled for Azure pack… Read more

Thank You TechEd Europe 2014!

Hello Readers and Viewers! Quite a few Enterprise Cloud Group CAT Team Members / Building Clouds Bloggers were speakers at TechEd Europe this year! On behalf of the team, I would like to express our appreciation to the many thousands of attendees that showed up ready to learn and experience everything TechEd had to offer… Read more

Claim Fundamentals WhitePaper for Windows Azure Pack

Hello Readers Some people find the concept of claims in connection with Windows Azure Pack hard to understand. To make it easier to understand these concepts, Shri form the WAP teams has created a good whitepaper that goes through the different concepts involved with claims based authentication. This white paper discusses some concepts, such as… Read more

Windows Azure Pack WhitePaper based on Building Clouds

Hi Readers About a year ago, a series of blog posts about Windows Azure Pack was released as an easy way to get readers of Building Clouds started with Windows Azure Pack: Windows Azure Pack Blog Post Overview on Building Clouds & TechNet Several people have pinged us and asked if we could not combine… Read more