Updated White Paper – Enabling Database as a Service Enabling Database as a Service with the Microsoft Private Cloud Stack

Hello Readers, Just a quick note to let you know that the document from this blog post has just been updated. It now includes updates related to the latest changes and enhancements in Update Rollups (UR) 3, 5 and 6 for Windows Azure Pack. There are also a few additional FAQ entries in the second… Read more

White paper: Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds

  Hello readers! This blog post introduces the “Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds” white paper from the Enterprise Cloud Group (ECG) CAT team, that you can download at the link below. We hope you will find this resource useful! Audience This document is for IT professionals or application owners interested in understanding… Read more

Windows Azure Pack VM Deployment Tip: VMM VM Template + Default Network Configuration = Potential Issues; Workaround Enclosed

Hello Readers! Today I am back with a Windows Azure Pack (WAP) Standalone VM Deployment Tip… Problem With the wider adoption of WAP, we have seen a “known issue” crop up for a particular use case when leveraging the following products: Windows Azure Pack (Tenant Portal) Virtual Machine Manager VM Templates Issue Failure when attempting… Read more

GRIT 1.2 – Updated Tool to Import and Configure VM Role Gallery Items in WAP

Hello Readers! Today I am happy to publish an updated version of the Gallery Resource Import Tool (GRIT). This post summarizes the new features/enhancements in this version 1.2 and, of course, where to get it. What is GRIT? Let’s start with a short overview of the tool, understanding that full details and “how to use”… Read more

Enabling Database as a Service with the Microsoft Private Cloud Stack

Hello Readers, During the course of the last few weeks and months, we’ve been publishing many different articles related to automating database deployments, templates for database workloads in Windows Azure Pack (WAP), blog posts about how to leverage the WAP APIs to work with virtual machines and/or databases, and many others. All of these relate… Read more

Import and Configure VM Role Gallery Items in Windows Azure Pack with GRIT 1.1

About a month ago, the Gallery Resource Import Tool (GRIT) was published: Fully written in PowerShell, the “Gallery Resource Import Tool” (GRIT) aims at simplifying discovery and installation of VMRole Gallery Items in Windows Azure Pack (WAP), in addition to help reduce manual errors when tagging virtual disks. Through this single tool, all the configuration… Read more

Introducing the “Gallery Resource Import Tool”

If you’ve started to use or evaluate the Windows Azure Pack (WAP), you may have noticed the different steps required to install a VM Role Gallery Item and to configure your environement to leverage this new artifact. These include: Downloading the Gallery Resource from Web Platform Installer, or from the source blog. Checking the virtual… Read more

Automation–Monitoring and Notifying in Windows Azure Pack with SMA

Hey Readers! This post will introduce you to a couple of useful SMA Runbooks to add to your “SMA Utility Belt”. First things first – go here to read about SMA if you are unfamiliar with the solution: https://aka.ms/IntroToSMA. Use Case This post discusses how to leverage three Runbooks to improve the Tenant experience as… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack – Plans and Subscriptions

Hello Readers Next topic on our Windows Azure Pack (WAP) Troubleshooting tour is "Plans and Subscriptions". Briefly Plan, Subscriptions and Resource Providers can be described in the following way: Tenant: One or more individuals consuming services from the Windows Azure Pack via a subscription. Plan: Contains one or more services (Resource Providers: VM, DB, Web,… Read more

SQL Server Self-Service Kit – Installation Instructions for the SMA Edition

This post covers installation information for the SQL Server Self-Service Kit (SQLSSK) v2.0, a.ka. SMA Edition. The main blog post about that release is here and this is where I would recommend starting reading, before getting into the details from this post, which cover: Updated Installation Instructions for this release Instructions to enable deployments of… Read more