Automation–Orchestrating the Cloud

Hello Readers and Viewers! I hope you are ready for this, the next installment of my Building Clouds Blog Video Demonstration Series! As this is a series of “behind the scenes” demonstrations for the automation portions of “SCDemo Cloud” offering, this post and video is a long time in the making. And while we have… Read more

Thank You MMS 2013! (from the Automation Track)

Hello Readers and Viewers (new and alumni)! I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU and WELCOME to all the MMS 2013 Attendees and New Blog Readers! It was a fantastic event with so much great information… What is in your top 5 list of favorites from MMS2013? And, whether you attended MMS 2013… Read more

Designing The Fabric: Introduction

Enough introduction, on to the design!  Our first step was to decide on the configuration of our fabric; the network, storage, and I/O paths needed for cloud computing.  You’ll find we made some interesting decisions here, but then this is a real project with a real budget and timelines, not an ideal reference architecture.  Like… Read more

Creating SCDemo Cloud

“How do you turn a stack of hardware into a fully functioning “Infrastructure-on-Demand” service as quickly and cheaply as possible?” That was the question confronting our team as we brainstormed our next project.  Before I dive into that loaded question, let’s provide some quick background on part of what our team does. Why are you doing… Read more

Exclusive First Look: The Long-Awaited Application Lifecycle Management Demo Video

Building and deploying a private cloud is a big deal for any organization, and to help our partners better understand how create their own private cloud, we built one of our own. What can this hybrid cloud environment look like?  We’ve put together a sneak peak below. This quick video features a key feature in… Read more